Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis Still In Play

anthony davis trade

Getty The latest rumors have the Lakers as a potential trade destination for Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers are still in play.

Over the weekend, Get More Sports’ Chris Sheridan tweeted that a Davis-to-Lakers trade reportedly has been “in the works” for quite a while.

That report is in line with my report on November 11th.

Sheridan also mentioned that the Boston Celtics are an option in the Anthony Davis conversation.

Sheridan’s Boston Celtics assesment is not out of the question either.

He’s been discussing that notion since early fall. We discussed that possibility on his podcast which you can listen to here. 

As Heavy’s Jeff Smith noted, I discussed that probability on the Causeway Street Podcast and discussed the desire to push and renew the rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers.

On the Lakers side, there are ways to get the deal done as I noted on November 3rd:

NBA free agent Jarrett Jack says it could happen:

Ultimately, the Los Angles Lakers are looking to partner LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant.

I discussed KD and the Lakers on TYT Sports:

Earlier this month, I was told by a source familiar with the Lakers’ future plans that L.A. is interested in a potential Laker team with those pieces.

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“The Lakers are gunning for the biggest names,” said the source via text message.

“LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis in LA. It’s all part of the plan.”