Cleveland Browns: Could Bruce Arians Be Considered for Coaching?

Getty Images Bruce Arians during his tenure as the Cardinals Head Coach

The Cleveland Browns fired their head coach Hue Jackson a few weeks ago, after his awful tenure. They also threw out their offensive coordinator Todd Haley as well. Now, Cleveland is stuck with their interim head coach Gregg Williams for the time being. Although the Browns weren’t expected to have postseason success this year, to begin with, it’s clear that this team is trending upwards for the future. Who will coach the team to victory though?

It’s probably safe to assume that their current coach is not the long-term answer. So, there is a good chance that the Browns will be searching for somebody new. They could use an offensive mind. Somebody to pair with their first-overall pick, quarterback Baker Mayfield. You know, somebody who has a successful background with quarterbacks, no matter what caliber of player they are.

There is one coach that is available as long as he wants to be. Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians called it quits last year when he knew that his time was up in Arizona. After a long and successful career in the NFL, Arians just wanted to hang it up and become a fan again. With the Browns in the market for a head coach, there’s no way they could consider Arians for the job right?

Actually, wrong. Arians would, in fact, come to coach the Browns. According to, Arians said that the Browns coaching position is the only job that he would consider coming out of retirement for. He didn’t elaborate as to why he would like to coach there, but it isn’t surprising because Arians wanted in on Cleveland back in 2013.

Arians Kept It Simple

“Cleveland is the only job I would consider,” he said, and it was no surprise if you know his background.

Arians has made it clear Cleveland is the one head coaching job he really wanted. He has been around, seeing with his own eyes how it was when the old Browns were winners. His first NFL boss was Marty Schottenheimer, who told him stories.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning coach wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Browns if he is seriously up for it. As we know, Arians have had some significant success during his time as a coordinator. Although he couldn’t achieve the ultimate goal of winning it all as a head coach, Arians did have some decent success with the Cardinals. He’s made the playoffs twice, but his stint ended after a disappointing 8-8 season.

Knowing the little bit of success that Arians did have with a quarterback like Carson Palmer, who was on the back-end of his career makes Arians an intriguing candidate to come in and coach a young star like Baker Mayfield. So far, the Browns haven’t been linked to anybody yet, but we will see soon if Arians’ gets a look for the position.