“For Prescott and Jason Garrett, more than the season might be on the line. Their futures — short- and long-term — are on the line.”

And while this topic was bound to come up, it was essentially a foregone conclusion that owner Jerry Jones would do his best to shut it down. He tried after the loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 9, as Jori Epstein of USA TODAY revealed.

Jones has strayed from his word more than once on this topic, to put it gently. And while he’s likely being honest about one game not impacting his outlook on Prescott, there’s plenty of season still to be played.

It’s somewhat incredible to think about this being possible, considering it’s been just two and a half seasons since the fourth-round pick took Tony Romo’s job. Prescott was so good that he forced one of the team’s best-ever quarterbacks from a statistical standpoint to the sidelines back in 2016.

How quickly things can change.