Dak Prescott Gets a Verbal Extension Guarantee from Jerry Jones

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Just because he is struggling, doesn’t mean the Dallas Cowboys are giving up on him. Cowboys former fourth-round pick, quarterback Dak Prescott still has the team behind him. After having a historic rookie season in 2016, Prescott has not come close to matching that same production that he had three seasons ago.

Despite his regression over the past two seasons, the Cowboys continue to show their support and respect for Prescott. Next season will be Prescott’s final year of his rookie contract. Therefore, the Cowboys will have to make a long-term decision sooner than later. They could either let the contract run its course or extend him at some point.

Earlier in the season, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated that he believes Dak is not only the present, but he is the future as well. So, Jones wanted to make it clear that they would extend Dak at some point. After a disappointing start to the 2018 season though, many were curious to see if the Cowboys still felt the same way.

What Did Jerry Jones Have to Say about Dak?

After a rough night for Prescott and the Cowboys on Monday Night Football during week nine, Jones was ready and willing to back up his original statement regarding Dak’s future. The Cowboys owner doubled-down, and pretty much guaranteed a Dak Prescott extension coming in the future.

The Cowboys made a significant trade a little over a week ago to acquire Amari Cooper. They intended to get Dak Prescott a number one target to keep him happy. Although Prescott and Cooper found the end zone early on, it didn’t pan out exactly the way they wanted it to during their first game together.

Prescott ended up throwing for 243 yards, two touchdowns, and a red zone interception. Not to mention, Prescott allowed another turnover by fumbling the ball as he got sacked. It was the same old issues, but just a different game. No matter what though, Jerry Jones believes in his quarterback, and it genuinely seems like Dak will be in Dallas for the long haul.