Dwayne Wade Backs Up Melo Amid Rockets Drama

Dwayne Wade

Getty Dwayne Wade

It’s been a rough day for Carmelo Anthony. The Rockets guard has been the snatching headlines today amid rumors that the team is considering waiving him, after the team as a whole has been experiencing a rough start to a season bloated with high expectations.

Anthony has been conspicuously absent for the team’s last two games–last night, and tonight–with a listed “illness”, but the timing is convenient. Or inconvenient, if he really is sick–his absence has made him the subject of almost all of the day’s NBA talk, and has only served to fan the rumor’s flames.

Among countless comments online calling out Anthony as a has-been and blaming the Rockets’ current woes almost solely on him (despite evidence that the entire team, of course, is to blame), Dwayne Wade came to the defense of the fellow 2003 draftee.

The two have known each other for years, and in the twilight of his own career the situation likely resonates with Wade for more reasons than one. That being said, it’s poor timing that the Rockets, minus Carmelo, finally got a good win on the very day this news was announced, further making it look like he really has been the problem.

Nothing’s official yet, but it’ll be interesting to see if other players come to back the veteran up.

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