Joel Embiid Plans to Slow His Trash Talking Down

Getty Images Sixers' Joel Embiid may be done talking trash.

Before he even played his first minutes in the NBA, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid was very outspoken. The seven-foot big man might’ve been the third-overall pick in his draft class, but he quickly became a favorite as he didn’t hold anything back during his interviews, or on social media. Although he had a lot of time on his hands since he was nursing an injury, Embiid wouldn’t change once he got back on the court.

There are plenty of players around the league who like Embiid. They love his game, and they find his trash talking to be amusing since it is all a part of the game. There are others around the league who seem to hate it though. The trash talking is meant to be fun, but also a strategy to throw players off of their game. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Although Embiid hasn’t been as wild with his trash talking this season (the season is still young,), he has had a throwback moment this year while going against Detroit Pistons’ center, Andre Drummond. The two big men had a bit of a feud going in their two games against each other this year, and Embiid wouldn’t hold back.

After his back-and-forth with Drummond though, many fans expected Embiid to act like that with everybody. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it looks like Embiid’s trash talking days are coming to an end. For the most part, at least.

Embiid Done Talking Trash?

Last season, the Miami Heat and the Sixers went head-to-head in the first round of the playoffs. Embiid wasn’t able to play the entire series, but when he was out there, he used his trash talking tactics to get into the head of Heat center, Hassan Whiteside. After his entire feud with Drummond, many expected Embiid to act that way towards Whiteside as well, but it didn’t go down that way on Monday night.

Embiid finished the game with 35 points and 18 rebounds. Clearly, a stat line that gives a player room to talk smack. Embiid held back though. He focused on his game, and ultimately got the job done. Is Embiid done trash talking for good? It’s highly unlikely. But his idea to slow it all down really seems to work. After all, he’s averaging an impressive 28-points-per-game, along with 13-rebounds-per-game. Whatever he did to change things up is definitely working.