Justin Herbert: Will He Declare for the 2019 NFL Draft?

Getty Images Oregon's Justin Herbert warming up.

In comparison to the last few years, the 2019 NFL Draft does not have the same star power at quarterback. All of the Carson Wentz’s, Patrick Mahomes’, and the Baker Mayfield types are non-existent this year. Seeing as though many draft analysts have realistically listed Oregon’s Justin Herbert as the one, first-round worthy quarterback, there could be a few teams taking an extensive reach by the time Spring of 2019 rolls around.

Even if you don’t pay attention to college football, you have probably heard about Oregon’s Justin Herbert. He’s a prototypical sized NFL quarterback, who stands out in a weak class. Would he be a first-rounder in previous years? That’s debatable. But as long as needy quarterback teams are at the top of the order, somebody is going to select Herbert within the top ten picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Or will they?

Herbert technically doesn’t have to declare for the draft at the end of this season. Although many speculate that he will, and would most likely get drafted by the Giants, you never honestly know what he is going to do. This wouldn’t be the first time a quarterback fakes out NFL analysts and scouts, and surely won’t be the last time.

Where Is This Idea Coming From?

ESPN Staff Writer Dan Graziano recently listed his 19 bold predictions for the 2019 NFL season. While 18 of the projections mentioned all NFL player scenarios, one of them involved the college kid, Justin Herbert. Graziano has the idea that maybe, just maybe, Herbert decides to stay in school and play out yet, another season with the Ducks.

Why would he do such a thing? One of two reasons. One, Herbert will get another season of development under his belt, and it could release some of the pressure off that is already being placed on him months before the draft even occurred. And two, Oregon could have a realistic shot at making the NCAA Playoffs. Who doesn’t want to try and win championships?

Staying in school could be a gamble for Herbert that could hurt his stock (a bad season, or injury) or it could make his stock sky-rocket (if he sees playoff success, he could earn the first-overall pick.) Although staying is a gamble, there’s still a lot on the line if he declares as well. Seeing as though Herbert is seen as a decent quarterback in a bad class, could he actually live up to the value of a top ten, or potentially a top-five draft pick? Only time will tell, but don’t rule out another year of Herbert in school, despite all of the noise he’s making with draft experts.

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