Kemba Walker: Will His MVP Start Get Him Paid Sooner?

Getty Images Kemba Walker energized after having another big night

Last month, Charlotte Hornets point guard, Kemba Walker had one of the hotter starts to the season. Despite the Hornets being a mediocre team at best, Walker was keeping them relevant. Fast forward to a month into the NBA start, and nothing has changed to this point. 16 games into the 2018 season and Walker is playing at an MVP level.

As Walker averages 29 points-per-game with 6 APG and 4 RPG, he continues to shock the NBA world. It’s not precisely because nobody thought Walker could be good. But it’s more about nobody knowing that Walker could be this good. Let’s face the facts – the Hornets aren’t exactly a team that anybody in the NBA fears. But as Walker continues to dominate on his own, Charlotte somehow still remains relevant.

A few nights ago, the Hornets hosted the Philadelphia 76ers. Kemba Walker’s incredible 60 point effort was enough to form a comeback and force the game into overtime. But it wasn’t enough for the Hornets to add to the win column, unfortunately. Despite losing to the Sixers though, Walker helped the Hornets bounce back to beat the Boston Celtics, as he followed up his 60 point game with another 43 points – Etching his name in NBA history.

Kemba Makes History

Now, Let’s Talk Dollar Signs

It’s currently all fun and games for the Hornets as Walker continues to be a one-man show in Charlotte. But it’s not going to be very fun for the Hornets financial department as they have to somehow come up with a way to get this man paid. No wonder Kemba Walker is putting up the best numbers of his career. He’s currently on the final year of his contract.

If the season ends today, the Hornets are heading into contract discussions with an All-Star, and most-likely the MVP of the NBA. As you can imagine, the man is not going to come cheap. Sure, Walker could test the market, and would quickly find himself a new deal to ink, but that’s not in his future plans. Walker wants to stay in Charlotte, and he’s made that quite clear.

“I think they know,” Walker said of his affection and attachment to his team and his town. “I’ve said it so many times. The way I play each and every night, I leave it all on the court. That’s for this organization and for this city.

In a league full of superteams forming around him, Walker is trying to stay true to the city of Charlotte, and remain the focal point of the Hornets. However, if they can’t give the point guard what he truly deserves, he will be out in a heartbeat – believe that. Will the Hornets get a deal done with Walker? It seems very likely. The only issue now is that Walker has to avoid from burning out in the future.

Yes, Walker is currently playing out of his mind, but the NBA is a very long season. Being that it is only November, there’s still plenty of time left on the clock. The Hornets have to hope that Walker doesn’t peak too early into the season because the help that they have surrounded him with isn’t exactly encouraging. And if a deal isn’t done before free agency strikes, then Walker could potentially leave while he’s still hot to find help.