Warriors’ Klay Thompson Didn’t “Break My Record” Says George Gervin

Getty Images Klay Thompson going up for a layup

Klay Thompson is one of the purest shooters in the NBA today. Proof of Thompson’s prowess was proven last month when the three-time NBA champ set an NBA record by knocking down 14 3-pointers in the Warriors’ 149-124 win over the Chicago Bulls.

Thompson was like a human pinball machine racking up 52 points in 27 minutes.

52 must be Thompson’s number!

Three years ago, January 23, 2015 to be exact, Thompson broke the NBA’s all-time record for points scored in a quarter, by scoring 37 points in the game’s third quarter.

The previous record was 33, which was held by NBA Hall of Famer, George “The Iceman” Gervin.

“He didn’t really break my record,” Gervin told Regal Radio’s Kyle Means in a recent interview. 

“Klay Thompson broke my single record with 37, but he had 20 points of threes”

Oh my!

To be extra specific, Gervin Gervin scored 33 in a quarter in 1978.

“I had 33 in a quarter with no threes,” The Iceman punctuated to Means. 

You can listen to the whole interview with George Gervin & Kyle Means Below: 

Thompson had nine three pointers in that game. He also went 13-for-13 from the field en route to the Warriors’ 126-101 win at Oracle Arena over the Sacramento Kings.

“I got 63 points in 33 minutes,” he said.

“They don’t know anything about that. I shot 51% in my career and scored 26,500 points. But they want to talk about those other guys because they don’t know. How can you know something that you haven’t seen? All you know is what they are telling you today.” 

Gervin also weighed in on the Golden State Warriors. Interviewer, Kyle Means noted that many see Steph Curry and his 30 foot jumpers and Kevin Durant mastering the mid-range game and ability to work off the dribble.  Gervin spoke favorably on the Warriors. “It’s good to see,: he said.

“They pick players now just for certain options. Like I’m just going to bring you in to shoot a three. That’s how they are fitting them in. But I’m still happy on the state of the game. The state of the game is really from history. We built a good foundation and you can put a lot of things on a good foundation.”

Gervin was then asked if he felt whether the league had forgotten about him and other Naismith Hall of Famers. “They ain’t forgot about us,” he said.

“They just don’t celebrate us enough. You can’t forget about me. You can’t forget about what I’ve done. You can try to drown it out but when you talk about records today, they’ll say since somebody else did it. They got to bring us back because we are the ones that got the big numbers. They got to sell the players what they got today. So if you talk about what I did as a scorer, you ain’t going to be able to talk about too many of these guys that are n there today.”




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