Leonard Fournette Fantasy: Jaguars’ RB out for Week 13

Getty Images Leonard Fournette breaking a tackle

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette was finally getting settled into his role once again with the Jaguars upon his return from injury. Just like that though, Fournette is back to the sidelines as he was suspended during Week 12 for fighting.

During the first half of the year, Fournette missed a large chunk of time because he was sitting out with a hamstring injury. Now, he will lose another game because of something that occurred that is entirely unrelated.

At this point, trusting Leonard Fournette in fantasy is one of the hardest things to do in 2018 for all of the wrong reasons. When Fournette is in, he’s a fantasy machine. He will get tons of carries, pick up a decent amount of yards, and might even reach the end zone once or twice. Unfortunately, getting onto the field has become an uphill battle for the second-year running back, which has made him what many would call a fantasy football flop.

What should fantasy owners do with Fournette? If you haven’t already sold him, should you try to now? It’s tough to depart with Fournette. While he is mighty productive when available, he hasn’t been too valuable this season with all of his missed time. When Fournette missed his second or third week with a hamstring injury, many analysts advised his fantasy ownership to ship him off via trade. If you listened, great. If not, sell now.

Fournette Gets Useless by the Week

Unless you own Fournette in a dynasty league, there’s really no need to hold on to the Jaguars running back. How much more could he really offer for the rest of the season? Holding onto him would be a gamble. He can’t stay healthy, and now he’s having issues with remaining out of trouble. As Fournette attempted to win his appeal to play for Week 13, his suspension is upheld.

Now, Fournette owners have to try and decipher what the Jaguars are going to do this week. Will they run with Carlos Hyde, or are they going to make things confusing by giving T.J. Yeldon a nice chunk of the workload out of the backfield? We will never know until we see it, but why risk waiting to see? Sell Fournette before it’s honestly too late. He could rake in some excellent value before the fantasy football playoff stretch.

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