Masin Elije & Dwight Howard: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Masin Elije Instagram

Masin Elije Instagram

Masin Elije is an author and gay man who claims to have dated NBA star Dwight Howard in the past. The author made the bombshell announcement in a Twitter thread on Saturday evening.

In a series of tweets, some of which included photos and screengrabs, Elije alleged that he was “sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated” by Howard and his camp, including by his pastor, Calvin Simmons. Howard has not yet issued a statement in response to the claims made by Elije.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Elije Claims to Have Met Howard at ‘Wild N Out’, Then Howard DMed Elije a Week Later

According to Elije’s Twitter thread, Elije and Howard met at a Wild n’ Out party, and that Howard DMed Elije a week later. Elije then told Howard to contact him on his “finsta”, a Fake Instagram account he used to make sure that their information wouldn’t leak. Elije wrote that things “escalated quickly” between the two of them, that they exchanged nude pictures, and that they began talking every night on Instagram chat.

Elije wrote, “He was fine, 6’11, goofy, very charming, NO WIFE and NEVER been married so of course I was interested. I kept it real with him, and he kept it real with me about everything EXCEPT 1 THING…..”

Elije also appears to be accusing Howard of sleeping with someone else, more specifically a transgender woman whose picture Elije shared later on in his thread. Elije wrote, “I thought my good sis was a prostitute but as my friend took a deeper look into her page, she actually host TRANSGENDER SEX PARTIES that Dwight Howard (allegedly) often attends, so YES, I lost every bit of my mind.”

2.Elije Further Asserted That Howard’s Pastor, Calvin Simmons, Began to Harass & Threaten Elije

Elije has also accused Howard’s pastor of threatening and harassing him as a result of their history. Once Elije confronted Howard for his relationship with the transgender woman, he claims he began to receive threats, both from Howard and from Calvin. Calvin Simmons is Howard’s longtime pastor, and has been a minister to hundreds of professional athletes throughout his lifetime.

Elije tweeted of Howard’s threats, “My relationship with Dwight pretty much was over in my eyes, especially after he threatened to ‘beat the sh*t out of me’ of course I’m mouthy and threatened him back and said harsh things.”

Elije further claimed that he was offered “hush money” for signing an NDA, but he refused to sign it. He wrote, “Calvin and Dwight’s camp begun to tell me things like ‘we know where you’re at’ ‘we are watching you’ ‘we saw what building you came out of’ and even went as deep to telling me ‘You gon find a new residence.'”

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Dressed in all black like the omen

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In addition to sharing his personal experience with Howard, Elije uploaded a series of videos of his conversations with Howard, in case “his team decides to lie.”

Elije continued, “So at this point, I am afraid for my life, I’m panicking, I’m having anxiety attacks and for a whole week I was bullied by Dwight’s team and Dwight Howard stood there and allowed his team to harass me, and I became a ‘faggot in a wig’ when Dwight is a 6’11 BOTTOM”

Elije concluded his Twitter thread by confirming to his followers that he has contacted police, but wanted his followers to know that if anything happened to him, that “this is the truth, here is my proof and I don’t want you guys to ever stop fighting for ME and what is right!”

3. Elije Owns a Hair Company, ‘Mazani Mink,’ Which Is a ‘100% Virgin Hair Boutique’

Of his haircaire line, ‘Mazani Mink,’ Elije wrote that he created the line so that “girls can feel good and look better for an affordable price.” He continued, “Ive always wanted to start a hair line but I want to expand into a hair care line to help those grow their natural hair. I always get questioned about my hair, so I figured why not?”

Elije offers a variety of products on his website, including ‘Mazani Deep Wave’ for $55.00 and ‘Russian Blonde’ for $60.00.

4. Elije Is the Author of a Book Titled ‘Industry Hoe’

Elije wrote a novel, Industry Hoe, about a woman named Nova who works as an “industry hoe.” The synopsis for the novel reads in part:

She inspired to be a basketball wife, but after a sudden life changing event she was forced to relocate to the ‘Black Hollywood,’ Atlanta! She dreaded leaving the love of her life behind but success was the only thing on her mind and she was willing to do whatever or fuck whoever to get where she needed to be. Nova quickly went from a girl just chasing her dreams, to actually living her dream but her lavish lifestyle came at a cost. She became a sex symbol, and one of the most successful girls in the industry after befriending one of the industry heavyweights, Reese, who was the fiancé of a well known rapper.

5. Elije Has 51,000 Followers on Instagram, & Posts Frequently About His Daily Life

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Elije is an Instagram influencer with 51,000 followers on Instagram and just under 39,000 followers on Twitter. He posts frequently to both social media accounts about his daily life.

One Twitter user has since called Elije out for trying to “expose Playboo Carti” in a similar fashion in 2017. Elije has not responded to that claim.

Many incorrectly identified Elije as a transgender woman, but he is a cisgender man who identifies as gay. Elije also uploaded several videos in which he appears to be speaking in the dark to Howard, either on the phone or via an internet app. Since posting his thread, Elije has responded to those Twitter followers who’ve accused him of revealing this story for “fame” or some unknown monetary reward.

He wrote,It’s sad people will assume you’re doing shit for “fame” when I been lit, I been that nigga on and offline. Dwight ain’t no Kobe, he ain’t MJ, he ain’t LeBron he ain’t even KD. I liked him for who he was and he allowed his people to threaten and disrespect me. Period”

Elije has since confirmed to Twitter followers that he has more evidence of his relationship with Howard to reveal, writing, “He’s going to say that he had no idea his team was doing this to me, or he’s going to try to sue me and me and my lawyers defense will be ‘Truth’ because I have TONS of other evidence I knew better to upload to Twitter.”

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