San Antonio NFL Team: Best Potential Franchise Names

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Fans of San Antonio sports may want to gear up for the future because it apparently could include an NFL team. While the city currently has five professional sports teams as well as minor league and plenty of college athletics, the latest rumor points to the next move being a football team.

In a recent interview with RJ Marquez of KSAT, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg revealed the news. He’s expecting an NFL team in town within the next 10 years.

“I really believe the momentum that San Antonio has experienced over the last few years, most recently with the announcement of major jobs coming to Brooks City Base as well as the downtown UTSA campus and the rise of Texas A&M, the community college districts as well, you will see an NFL team in San Antonio in the next 10 years.”

The mayor went on to cite the economic growth of the city and the fact that professional teams and leagues are “looking to San Antonio as a place where they can find success.” It’s an eye-opening statement, but one that does make sense. The San Antonio Spurs have had major success in the NBA and are beloved by the city. There’s no question NFL owners would surely take note of that.

So with the rumblings of this future move, we’re going to take a look at a few possible team names for a San Antonio NFL franchise.

Potential NFL Team Names for San Antonio Franchise

*Note: There is no factual basis behind any of these suggestions, it’s all in good fun.

San Antonio Brigades

The popular city of San Antonio is known for a wide range of things, but they are certainly a military city. So what better way to pay homage to that than by naming an NFL team in a fashion that relates to the military? The name has a pretty nice ring to it as well, and the fanbase could come up with a few pretty unique nicknames for themselves.

San Antonio Diamondbacks

According to the National Park Service, the city has quite a few pretty terrifying snakes. And while quite a few of them have unique names, I’m not sure we can get away with the “Diamondback Water Snakes” or “Diamondback Rattlesnakes.” So, just the Diamondbacks will have to do. Sure, the MLB team in Arizona may not be thrilled, but it’s still a solid name.

San Antonio Toros

People don’t forget about the Toros. As W. Scott Bailey of the San Antonio Business Journal pointed out, the Toros were a semi-pro football team back in 1967. As Bailey so delicately put it, the team was “first looked upon simply as another schedule filler for the fledgling Texas Professional Football League.”

Full disclosure here, I wasn’t actually alive when the Toros played, but it seems they drew a big audience and turned out to be a good team. So, if an NFL team does come to San Antonio, why not bring back the popular name and memory that comes with it?

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