Sixers’ Jimmy Butler Gave Away over 60 Pairs of Jordans to the Team’s Staff

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What a time to be an employee of the Philadelphia 76ers. Whether you are a teammate, cook, janitor, doctor, anything – Then you would receive a sweet gift from the team’s newest superstar, Jimmy Butler. You know, the guy who was supposed to tear the locker room apart, just like he did in Minnesota?

Ever since the Sixers trade went down with the Minnesota Timberwolves, both teams have gotten better. The T’Wolved started winning and having fun again, while the Sixers took their game to the next level with having a two-way superstar on the team that can activate his clutch gene to win games for the team.

Everybody was shocked to find out that Butler would immediately become a favorite in Philadelphia. Yet, here we are. But it’s not just the fans who love Sixers’ forward, Jimmy Butler. He has grown to be a favorite within the Sixers locker room. With his wise leadership skills and likable personality, Butler has fit in exceptionally well within the Sixers organization.

Even after having his reputation damaged from his time with Minnesota, Butler was very grateful towards the Sixers organization for welcoming him onto the team with open arms. For that, Butler made a gesture that is quite rare for a player to make. To show his appreciation for the Sixers staff all around, Butler ended up giving away over 60 pairs of Jordans’ to the team’s personnel.

Butler Does a Good Deed

According to Philadelphia Inquires’ Keith Pompey, Butler gave away a total of 67 pairs of Jordans’ to the 76ers staffers. That includes cooks, cleaning crew, secretaries, etc. If you work within the building every day and Jimmy Butler sees you working hard, you received a pair of Jordans. That’s a pretty incredible appreciation gift from a guy who’s only been in town for close to a month at this point.

It didn’t take long, but Butler has immediately earned the love and support from the Sixers staff and their fans. Because within the same day of his friendly gesture, Butler also made it very clear to the local media that winning is all he is worried about in Philly. Butler could miss the All-Star game, have a career-low in numbers and whatnot and he would still be happy as long as the Sixers are winning.

At this point, it sure seems like Jimmy Butler is strongly going to consider staying with the Sixers long-term when it’s time to talk about the future. Earlier in the week, Butler made it clear that he is really warming up to Philadelphia, and likes the idea of potentially calling the city home for years to come. Now, a lot can change during that time, but so far it looks like the Sixers have won over Jimmy Butler. I mean, it’s not every day you see a player buy gifts for everybody within the building.

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