Will the Dallas Cowboys Extend DeMarcus Lawrence?

Getty Images DeMarcus Lawrence getting to the backfield.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to have to break the bank over the next couple of years. As their 2016 Draft Class has a few players ready to see their big break, the Cowboys also have a few other guys that they have to take care of. Last season, Cowboys’ defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence might’ve earned himself a big extension, but the team wasn’t so sure. As expected, he was slapped with the franchise tag.

This year, Lawrence has proven to be worthy of an extension from the Jones’ family. As Lawrence had 8.5 sacks with 47 tackles through 11 games, it’s clear that Lawrence brings an elite talent to the table for the Cowboys stellar defensive line. However, the financial situation out in Dallas could prevent the Cowboys from retaining Lawrence after 2018.

While Lawrence is having yet, another dominant season, the Cowboys have had all of their attention focused on the offense over the last three games. Ever since the trade for former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper, the Cowboys have been more worried about the new guy, rather than Lawrence.

Where Are Their Heads At?

Earlier in the year, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear that he feels like quarterback Dak Prescott is the guy for the job long-term. Despite having a down year in 2017, Prescott has proven to be reliable in 2018 when the situation is right. The Cowboys want to lock Prescott in for a while, and the Cowboys plan to extend him during the offseason.

Prescott isn’t the only player who is going to get paid. Wide receiver Amari Cooper has also made a name for himself in the short time he has been in Dallas. During Week 12, Cooper went off for 180 yards, and two touchdowns against the Washington Redskins. As Cooper has one more year left on his deal, the Cowboys are also interested in locking in the young wideout sooner than later as well, which leaves Lawrence as the biggest question mark.

So far, the Cowboys front office won’t confirm if they have Lawrence in their future plans or not. Right now, all of the attention is on the offense. After Thursday’s game against the Redskins, Ed Werder reported that Jerry Jones was asked about a potential extension being in the works for Lawrence. Jones laughed it off with a vague comment stating “We have several of those out there. It looked like Amari is trying to get a little cash.”

So, Jones won’t confirm where Lawrence is at in the Cowboys future plans, but he has no issues discussing the future of Prescott and Cooper. With Lawrence set to become a free agent in the spring of 2019, he could be looking for a hefty payday one way or another. According to Spotrac, Lawrence’s market value is through the roof. This spring, the defensive end could be looking to make Von Miller money, as it is well-deserved for the 26-year-old pass rusher.