Cowboys’ Amari Cooper Stripped a Big Win from a DFS Player on Sunday

Getty Images Amari Cooper went off against the Eagles this weekend.

The Dallas Cowboys sure are happy that they sent a first-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for wide receiver Amari Cooper. After a tremendous game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon, Cooper has become the talk of the fantasy world. With 10 receptions for 217 yards and three touchdowns, Cooper has established himself as one of the better fantasy wide receivers as long as he is in Dallas.

Anybody who had Cooper for fantasy on Sunday, you were probably ecstatic. If you played against Cooper on Sunday, then you probably hate his guts. Imagine this though; You’re at the top of a Daily Fantasy leaderboard, even when Cooper’s day is pretty much finished. You’re ahead by a few points, and at that point, the game is over. The Cowboys were in overtime with the Eagles, and it looked like they were going to have to settle for three points. Then Bam! Just like that, the Cowboys score!

Amari Cooper was the target on the final play of the game, and the result could’ve and probably should’ve resulted in a negative play for Dallas. The Eagles defender was right in the position to make the play, and he had two choices to make – either pick the ball off or bat it down and make them settle for the field goal. He made the second choice, and it ended up backfiring like no other. One lucky bounce of the ball landed right in Cooper’s arms, and he took it in for six points! The Cowboys won, and one daily fantasy user took a loss… A big-time loss.

Cooper Is Killing Dreams

According to Darren Rovell of The Action Network, there was a specific daily fantasy player, who has had his dreams shattered with this final play of the game. Before Cooper’s winning score, this player was sitting comfortably in first place with $1 million worth of winnings. After Cooper took the ball into the end zone to shoot down the Eagles dreams of winning the division, Cooper also shot down this player’s dreams of becoming a millionaire.

With that score, the player went from first to 14th place just like that. And his one million dollar winnings immediately dropped down to $5,000. Now, winning five-grand on daily fantasy is still a substantial accomplishment. But knowing that you were a few points ahead of the rest and earning a million is absolutely soul crushing. All thanks to Amari Cooper, the dream killer.

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