Lakers Rumors: LeBron James Has Not Pushed for Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Getty Images Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony

What is the next move going to be for Houston Rockets forward, Carmelo Anthony? We all know that his days in Houston are numbered, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s off to his next team. The question is though; who is going to want to trade for, or claim Anthony? Could it be the Philadelphia 76ers like everybody speculated last month? Or will it be the Los Angeles Lakers this time around?

Recently, rumors came out about the Lakers (as always) and apparently their superstar leader LeBron James has some interest in Melo. Knowing that LeBron has some front office pull, you can only assume that if the captain wants somebody on the team, then the Lakers front office is going to make it happen by any means.

So, when the reports came out on Thursday surrounding Melo’s name, connecting him to the Lakers, it was easy to assume that once December 15th hit, the Lakers were going to be trying to make something happen. It looks like it’s not going to happen just like that though. Regardless of what the reports say, a fresh rumor on Friday came out stating that even if LeBron does have interest in Carmelo Anthony joining the Lakers, nobody in the front office was notified about this rumored interest.

The Lakers Are out on Anthony?

According to Lakers reporter Brad Turner, L.A. doesn’t really have any interest in acquiring the veteran forward. As expected, the rumor was floated around by an anonymous source to shake things up with Carmelo Anthony’s situation since his name hasn’t been mentioned in quite some time. Right now, Anthony is just sitting tight and is waiting for his next opportunity to come, which can be very soon.

It looks like the Lakers are not in Carmelo Anthony’s future though. Things can change between now and the 15th of December, but as of right now, the market for Melo seems a bit thin. He may be sitting out a little longer than expected as many teams are denying having any interest for the 15-year veteran right now.

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