Los Angeles Chargers Troll Stephen A. Smith on Twitter

Stephen A. Smith

Getty Stephen A. Smith

To be on a sports talk show and know every single little detail about everything that’s going on off the top of your head is difficult. If a broadcaster makes a mistake with a name or a fact here and there, it’s understandable and really isn’t all that big of a deal. However, multiple errors in a span of under one minute can be very crucial, and quite frankly embarrassing for the said broadcaster. In this case, we’re talking about First Take’s Stephen A. Smith when he was discussing Los Angeles Chargers versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ahead of the big matchup on Thursday, Stephen A. was discussing select players that he was looking forward to watching on both, the Chiefs and the Chargers. First, he mentioned he had his eyes on Chiefs running back, Spencer Ware. Little did he know, Ware is out with a foot injury on Thursday. Then, he mentioned he would have his eyes on Hunter Henry (out for the year) who would be lining up against Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson, who no longer plays for the team.

Also, sidenote, Stephen A. mentioned them as the San Diego Chargers, not Los Angeles, which we would have to give a pass for since it’s still taking time for everybody to adjust to that. But aside from mentioning the wrong city, Stephen A. had a terrible mistake on live television Thursday, and even his partners on the screen with him looked confused as well. Naturally, the clip made its way around the internet, and everybody decided to poke fun at it. That includes the Chargers team account as well.

The Chargers Troll Stephen A. Smith

Jokingly, the Chargers made a couple of additions to their injury report for Thursday night. In addition to guys like Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, and Trevor Williams, the Chargers have announced the retired LaDainian Tomilson, Dan Fouts, and Lance Alsworth to be out as well. It was all in good trolling fun of course, but Stephen A. is not too happy about the joke being on him.

Smith quickly took to Twitter after he found out that he was the laughing stock of the app to respond to the user who generated the most buzz through uploading the short clip. Despite being a bit embarrassed by the moment, Stephen A. did throw in a subtle joke about ‘Laying of the weeeed.’ For those who don’t know, that has been a wildly popular meme/joke related to Stephen A. on Twitter for a couple of years now.

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