Markelle Fultz: Which 4 Teams Are Interested in Trading for the Sixers’ Guard?

When will the Philadelphia 76ers Markelle Fultz shoulder saga end? Next week? Next month? Possibly never? Nobody knows. Because when everybody assumed that Fultz was in the clear and back to normal before the 2018 season had begun, everyone was shocked to see that Fultz technically wasn't "fixed."

Just last year, the Sixers traded up to acquire the number one pick, with their hearts set on a Washington guard named Markelle Fultz. The 19-year-old prospect was supposed to bring a shooters skillset to the table, to balance out what the Sixers already have. But somehow, Fultz's entire set of skills became screwed up.

At first, it was because of a shoulder injury. Then, the Sixers head coach Brett Brown blamed it on nerves of being pressured in the spotlight. Now, it's back to the fact that Fultz has a mysterious shoulder injury, wrist injury, and apparently craving for a new team to get a fresh start. It is one of the strangest, yet, most intriguing situations on an NBA team in quite some time.

It's like everytime a story comes about Fultz, and why his jump shot doesn't look the same, it immediately gets shot down by either Fultz's team, or the Sixers front office. Then, it's until next time with the issues. What's next for Markelle Fultz and the 76ers? Nobody truly knows. As Fultz stayed in New York on Sunday after the Sixers win in Brooklyn, he intends on seeing another shoulder specialist for a diagnosis as his attorney's ordered.

What's Next for Fultz and the Sixers?

While the Sixers were unaware of any injury concerns regarding Fultz over the last month, they have to play the waiting game once again as Fultz was shut down for the time being. So far, nothing positive has come from this entire situation. There are so many theories about what's going on floating around the internet, and nobody knows what to believe at this point.

However, when word got out about Fultz desiring a new team and a fresh start, other NBA teams have become intrigued. While Fultz's agency denied any trade demands, the rumors of a potential deal will simply not go away. Apparently, teams are calling, and the Sixers are listening. Recently, Sixers reporter Keith Pompey reported that the Sixers no longer have a long-term plan in place that involves Fultz.

Mix that news in with the fact that the Sixers made it clear that they weren't finished with adding pieces to the team after the Butler trade and now we have an interesting situation on our hands. The Sixers need help with shooting off the bench. While Fultz's defense was getting better, his jump shot is broken merely.

For a team that's trying to win now, a project player just simply shouldn't be in the cards. Therefore, there are a few teams that may be willing to take Fultz off the Sixers hands for the right price. It could create a win-win scenario for all three parties, and the Sixers can officially move on from the Markelle Fultz saga. So with that, which three teams have shown a keen interest in Fultz?

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