Randi & Pat Mahomes, Patrick’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Patrick Mahomes father, Pat Mahomes, poses as a member of the Montreal Expos in 2004.

Patrick Mahomes’ NFL career may be a surprise to some, but his parents, Randi and Pat, saw this coming. Patrick’s mother saw something special in her son at a young age.

“I knew he’d be a professional athlete when he was 7,” Randi explained to The Kansas City Star. “I’m serious. There was never a question to him, and I knew he had the talent.”

Patrick learned from his father what life as a professional athlete entailed. Pat was an MLB pitcher for 11 seasons, and Patrick was always around the clubhouse. Patrick remembers playing catch with the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter.

“You saw All-Stars working just as hard as guys who just got there,” Patrick explained to Sports Illustrated. “I remember Alex Rodriguez being at the stadium three or four hours before practice started, just hitting off a tee. Then you see Derek Jeter taking ground balls all day, and you’re like, these guys, they don’t have to be doing this. They’re the best at their profession, but at the same time, they want to be better. You understand that you have to work that hard, no matter what level you are.”

Patrick comes from a diverse background with a Caucasian mother and an African-American father. Patrick has two siblings, his brother Jackson and sister Mia.

Like his father, Patrick’s initial passion was baseball, but he began to fall in love with football the more he played the game. Pat spoke about his son’s transition from baseball to football.

“Everybody thought he was gonna play baseball and get drafted in first round as an outfielder,” Pat explained to The Shadow League. “In addition to his batting skills, he threw 95 miles per hour off the mound. But his junior year, he got a chance to play quarterback for Whitehouse High School in Texas, where Patrick was a three-sport athlete, just like me. You know how contagious and crazy Texas football is…He was to a point where I think he felt like he had learned everything he could about baseball and football offered him some new learning things, really intrigued him and he fell in love with it.”

Learn more about Patrick’s parents.

1. Patrick’s Father, Pat, Was an MLB Pitcher for 11 Seasons

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Being a professional athlete comes naturally for Patrick, in part, because he grew up watching his father play in the MLB for more than a decade. Pat played for the Twins, Red Sox, Mets, Rangers and Pirates over his career. Those close to Patrick say as much, noting the impact being around the clubhouse had on his maturity. Patrick’s godfather LaTroy Hawkins, who is also a retired major leaguer, points to those early years as a reason for his success.

“He learned how it works,” LaTroy explained to The Kansas City Star. “How to gain those guys’ respect, how to deflect credit. Walking the walk. That came at a very young age.”

Over his career, Pat pitched 709 innings and threw 452 strikeouts. Pat spent the majority of his career as a relief pitcher, but started 21 games for the Twins in 1994 going 9-5 as a starter.

2. Patrick’s Dad Was Originally Against His Son Playing Football

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It appears Pat’s days as an MLB player still have an impact on him as the former pitcher remains very superstitious. The Chiefs started the 2018 season 5-0, and Pat wore the same outfit to all the games to avoid jinxing his son. Watching his son play football was once a topic of debate.

As Patrick was deciding what sport he would focus on, Pat was initially against his son playing football given his potential pro baseball prospects. Years later, Pat is thankful his son did not take his advice.

“Baseball had been pretty much his whole life growing up, and he always played basketball, too,” Pat told the USA Today. “Those were his two sports. I was trying to keep him from playing football. But then his junior year in high school, he said he wanted to try this quarterback thing and see where it took him…Well, I’ve got to admit, he made the right choice.”

Earlier this season, Patrick paid homage to his father’s baseball career by wearing his old Mets jersey to a game.

3. Patrick’s Mom, Randi, Wanted to Make Sure He Received a College Education

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Neither Pat or Randi received a college education, and Patrick’s mother wanted to make sure things were different for their son. Patrick was talented enough at baseball to receive interest from MLB teams, but he decided to play football at Texas Tech. It was a decision that pleased his mother.

“I wanted it to be his decision,” Randi told Tyler Today in 2015. “I did not want to encourage the wrong decision, one he might regret later in life; however, there is no secret that I always wanted Patrick to get an education. His father and I both missed out on college, and I did not want that to happen to Patrick.”

Many recognize Patrick for his football accomplishments, but Randi has not forgotten her son’s academic achievements.

“He started getting college credits at Tyler Junior College while he was still in high school,” Randi explained to Tyler Today. “I admit I am a proud mom. I am very proud of his athletic achievements. However, I am more proud of his scholastic accomplishments.”

4. Pat & Randi Divorced When Patrick Was 6 Years Old But Remain “Best Friends”

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Things did not work out with Patrick’s parents, but the quarterback remains close to both his mother and father. According to Tyler Today, the couple divorced when Patrick was six but still remain close friends.

“His mom and I are still best friends,” Pat told Tyler Today in 2015. “I retired from pro ball his freshman year and was able to be there for most of his high school games. When offered the opportunity to go pro right out of high school, which is what I did, I told him to follow his dreams. I told him, ‘you’ll figure it all out along the way. You can play football or baseball, you might go into the pros, or you get an education and be whatever you want.’ Whatever he does, I am proud of him.”

5. Patrick’s Godfather Is Former MLB Player LaTroy Hawkins

patrick mahomes godfather

GettyFormer MLB pitcher LaTroy Hawkins is Patrick Mahomes’ godfather.

Not only did Patrick have his father to learn from, but his godfather is also a former MLB player. LaTroy spent more than two decades as a Major League pitcher. LaTroy pitched in more than 1,467 innings and threw 983 strikeouts playing for the Twins, Cubs, Giants, Orioles, Rockies, Yankees, Astros, Brewers, Angels and Blue Jays.

“He’s a professional in every aspect,” Patrick described his godfather to Sports Illustrated. “He was always trying to do whatever he could to make the team better, to get his body in the best shape, so that whenever he got his opportunities, he took full advantage of them. That’s why he ended up having a 21-year career as a pitcher. This being my first professional offseason, I have spent time with my family, enjoyed life, but at the same time I’m working every day to make sure I’m ready for when OTAs, mini-camp, training camp and the season comes.”

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