Patrick Mahomes’ Parents Played Big Part in His Success

Patrick Mahomes is no overnight success, and his parents, Randi and Pat Mahomes, helped form a foundation for their son to succeed. Patrick learned about the life of a professional athlete from his father, Pat, who was a longtime MLB player. Pat recently penned an article for The Shadow League detailing how he would take Patrick to the baseball clubhouse.

I started taking Patrick to the ball field when he was four years old and dressing him out and letting him shag balls and be around the guys in the clubhouse. He was a sponge. He just picked up on all the little things they did and how hard they worked.

He was able to be with A-Rod and meet Derek Jeter and be around guys of that nature who were on top of the game and he saw how hard they worked and it was just something that always stuck with him. Being around those guys helped him when he decided to make football a career.

According to Tyler Today, Patrick’s parents divorced when he was six years old, but they remain on good terms today.

Patrick Mahomes’ Brother, Jackson, Is a Star High School Basketball Player

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Patrick is also very close with his mother, Randi. The Chiefs quarterback has no shortage of accomplishments, but it is some of his academic achievements that make his mom most proud. Not only was Patrick a standout football player, but he also had an opportunity to play professional baseball coming out of high school.

“I wanted it to be his decision,” Randi told Tyler Today. “I did not want to encourage the wrong decision, one he might regret later in life; however, there is no secret that I always wanted Patrick to get an education. His father and I both missed out on college, and I did not want that to happen to Patrick…He started getting college credits at Tyler Junior College while he was still in high school. I admit I am a proud mom. I am very proud of his athletic achievements. However, I am more proud of his scholastic accomplishments.”

Patrick has two siblings, Jackson and Mia. Like his brother, Jackson is also a stellar athlete, but his preferred sport is basketball. He is one of Whitehouse High School’s top players, the same school where Patrick was a multi-sport athlete. Jackson admits there is more pressure following in his father and brother’s footsteps.

“I think at times, people have higher expectations for me,” Jackson explained to ETSN.FM. “They expect me to do more stuff because of my family and what they’ve done. That’s the hardest thing I have to face. ‘Where are you going to college? What sport are you gonna play?’ Stuff like that. In the end, I know I’m doing the best I can do and just trying to do what I can.”

Patrick’s Father Is Superstitious & Wears the Same Outfit to Chiefs Games

patrick mahomes dad

GettyPatrick Mahomes’ father, Pat, was an MLB pitcher for 11 seasons.

As you may expect from a former pro baseball player, Pat is a bit superstitious. While he was not planning on attending all of Patrick’s games, his son’s hot start has him at every game in the same outfit. According to USA Today, Pat wears his son’s Chiefs jersey, white shorts and Adidas shoes to all the Kansas City games. USA Today detailed the elder Pat’s routine.

Considering Mahomes was one of the most superstitious players anyone has seen in Major League Baseball, he’ll keep going to every Chiefs game as long as they keep winning. And he’ll wear the same outfit: a white jersey with his son’s name on the back, white linen shorts and red Adidas shoes.

“You’re not going to find a more superstitious guy,” LaTroy Hawkins (Patrick’s godfather) said, “so when it’s freezing and snowing in December in Kansas City, you’re still going to see him wearing those shorts at Patrick’s football games.”

And he’ll be sitting beside Hawkins, his former teammate from the Minnesota Twins, most games. Hawkins purchased two season tickets on the 48-yard line at Arrowhead Stadium to see his godson. Now, the two of them can give thanks every Sunday when Patrick steps on the field for the NFL’s new and controversial rule that protects quarterbacks, barring defensive players from landing on them with their full body weight.

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