Rob Gronkowski Became the Laughing Stock of Twitter after Missed Tackle

Rob Gronkowski on the sidelines

The New England Patriots rarely make big mistakes. After all, they are the NFL’s biggest and best dynasty in the entire 2000’s, 2010’s era. Year after year they tend to make magic. But not always do they excel. And when they don’t excel, boy, social media absolutely loves it. The Patriots lost on the final desperately ran play of the game on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. While the entire play sequence was ridiculous, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski stole the show with his terribly attempted tackle.

In case you missed it, the Patriots and the Dolphins were going back and forth all afternoon. Eventually, though, the Patriots thought that they have found enough separation on the scoreboard to kind of just mail it in on the final play. The Dolphins were down by five with seven seconds left to go on the opposite end of the field. They had two choices to make – they either throw a hail mary or throw something short and play school yard ball.

Obviously, they went with the latter, which was a smart decision. So smart that it actually ended up working! The entire sequence was shocking, as those plays rarely do work. However, once everybody quickly realized that Rob Gronkowski was playing safety, and doing a terrible job at it might I add, Twitter went into a full-on roast session. If you haven’t seen the play that features Gronk’s awful awareness you must check it out.

Gronkowski Loses His Balance

Maybe next time the Patriots should just roll with an actual safety. It makes sense why coaches decide to throw wideouts in at safety on final plays, since they can secure a catch better than a defensive back. But putting in a big-bodied tight end was a very bold move that did not pay off at all. Would a safety make that play? Well, we can’t be so sure. But if a safety was in, there would’ve been a much better chance of that happening.

We’re going to have to assume that Gronk has seen his final day on the defensive side of the ball. And if he didn’t, well, there’s going to be an uproar from a ton of people who are already confused with the decision to put him in anyway. As expected, social media did not react very nicely to Gronk’s play. As a matter of fact, he was roasted and became the laughing stock on Twitter. And the jokes just keep on flowing.

Gronkowski’s Tackle Described in .GIF Form


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