Seattle Seahawks Get Mychal Kendricks Back at the Right Time

Getty Images Mychal Kendricks during practice with the Eagles.

Who said that the Seattle Seahawks were toast in the NFC? As always, you can expect the unexpected in the NFL. Once upon a time a few years back, the Seahawks were the team to beat in the NFC.

Just this past offseason, they were believed to be in a complete rebuild mode as they got rid of some of their key pieces from a couple of Super Bowl runs that they have had in the past. This season, nobody expected the Seahawks to still be relevant in the playoff hunt.

While their defense was far from the powerhouse it once was, their offense seemed depleted as long as their offensive line was letting their star quarterback Russell Wilson get destroyed. But after another victory during Week 13 against the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle advanced to 7-5 on the year. They aren’t guaranteed a postseason berth, but they are far from finished. With four games left in the regular season, Seattle can realistically make the playoffs.

Seattle Wins in More Than One Way

With four games left, the Seahawks have two tough matchups. One against the Minnesota Vikings, and the other against the Kansas City Chiefs. Meanwhile, the other two games will be against the 49ers, and the Arizona Cardinals, which are both very much win-able. As the Seahawks remain relevant, they get a crucial piece back to the defense as linebacker Mychal Kendricks is set to return from his eight-game suspension.

Although Kendricks hasn’t had much time to gel with his teammates in Seattle, the veteran linebackers presence will surely create an instant impact to the team as long as Kendricks was working hard during his time off. As many are aware, Kendricks has been dealing with some serious legal trouble as he was busted for insider trading during the offseason, which caused him to be released from the Cleveland Browns.

Kendricks Needs to Make an Immediate Impact

Kendricks ended up signing with the Seahawks not too long after hitting the open market, marking Seattle as his third team in a few months. Kendricks didn’t play a single regular season game with the Browns, but he is coming off of a productive season with the Philadelphia Eagles where he racked up 77 tackles and two sacks.

Kendricks only managed to play three games with the Seahawks this season, and he was quite productive during that time. With 15 tackles and two sacks in such a short amount of time really proves that Kendricks was worth holding onto. Now, the Seahawks are gaining a key player back at the right time, and they will need Kendricks to contribute big time against the Vikings this upcoming week.