Tom Herman’s Wife, Michelle, Dragged Into Zach Smith Saga

In the latest drama involving Zach Smith, the former Ohio State assistant coach tweeted out accusations about Texas coach Tom Herman and wife Michelle Herman. Smith tweeted out a series of messages on November 11 accusing Tom of infidelity.

Hey @CoachTomHerman – remember when you told me about when @belletjh caught you cheating on her with an Iowa State recruiting girl?? Lmao… I do…The problem w/ coaching… ur not “supposed” to be real. But I’m snitching… bc @CoachTomHerman cheated on @belletjh several times. She used to call my ex & cry about how he was such a cheating shitbag. They will deny it… like she told her “I don’t want to lose my life”…You want to know what’s CRAZY??? That @CoachTomHerman had @belletjh put my ex wife in touch with @Brett_McMurphy – and I finally got that confirmation evidence tonight (though I’ve known it for months)… deny deny deny… right Tom? Trying to bring down urban… lol

A screenshot of a text exchange between Zach and Tom has gone viral after the Texas coach simply responded “Ok. Cool Hook Em.”

Michelle was spotted wearing the phrase on a t-shirt at the Texas-Iowa State game.

According to Paper City Mag, Michelle worked multiple jobs to help support the family as Tom got his start into coaching.

The Hermans struggled for years financially as Tom Herman fought his way up from low-paying graduate assistant and entry level coaching positions. Michelle worked multiple jobs for years — and often sent money to her then-future husband to help him pay the rent when they weren’t living in the same city.

Tom Herman’s Wife, Michelle, Worked Multiple Jobs When He Started Out as an Assistant College Football Coach

According to reporter Jeff Snook, Michelle noted she was close with Zach’s ex-wife Courtney Smith, and she never mentioned anything about the alleged abuse.

She never told me she was being abused. She never told anyone she was being abused. Nobody saw any abuse…We were close. I am not saying we weren’t close. We just weren’t that close while we were there. I wouldn’t call her my best friend, either…When she needed to borrow money, she was drowning in debt and going to drop out of school. I said ‘that’s a bad idea. Then what will you do?’ I said, ‘Why don’t you let me loan you the money? I mean, it’s not going to hurt us.’ We loan people money all the time. Sometimes, we just give it to them.

Tom and Michelle have three children: Maddock, Maverick and Priya. Tom credits his wife for his success as a head coach today.

“She’s the rock of our family,” Tom told Sports Illustrated. “Her support, love and understanding are the main reasons why we are where we are today. None of this would be possible without her.”

Sports Illustrated detailed Michelle leaving her high-paying investment firm job in Los Angeles to follow Tom on his coaching journey.

Tom and Michelle wed in 2001, with Tom flying back to Texas the day after the wedding. He’d just taken a job coaching receivers at Sam Houston State for $10,000 per year, and Michelle left her high paying job at a Los Angeles investment firm and apartment in Hermosa Beach to join him in Huntsville, Texas. From 2001 to 2004—the longest the Hermans have lived in one town—she worked jobs in a day care, non-profit organization, bank, the college of criminal justice and as a waitress serving muffuletta sandwiches at Humphrey’s, the local college bar.

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