Taulia Tagovailoa, Tua’s Brother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alabama is poised to have a long line of Hawaiian quarterbacks as Tua Tagovailoa’s brother, Taulia Tagovailoa has committed to play for the Crimson Tide in 2019. How important is Taulia to Alabama? Nick Saban was in the Tagovailoa family home the day after the College Football Playoff pairings were announced.

While Taulia has noted on several occasions that he is 100 percent committed to Alabama, there are still plenty of schools recruiting him, including SEC rival LSU.

Taulia is one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country for the class of 2019. During his senior season at Thompson High School, Taulia threw for 3,684 yards and 35 touchdowns. The quarterback also rushed for 428 yards and six touchdowns.

Despite being committed to Alabama, there is still buzz about Taulia’s recruitment. 247 Sports broke down Taulia’s status.

Similar to how his older brother approached things, Taulia hasn’t shut the door on his recruitment despite maintaining a firm commitment to Alabama. If you remember back to December of 2016, Tua mulled over visits to LSU and Oregon; however, those trips never transpired prior to him enrolling at the Capstone the following month. With Taulia, the big names to know are LSU and Tennessee, both of which the appeal is likely offering Taulia a more immediate route to playing time, not to mention the fact he wouldn’t have to play in Tua’s shadow. Georgia also threw its hat in the ring last week with an offer of its own. As for visits, Taulia has gone on record saying he plans to take officials to Knoxville and Baton Rouge.

The comparisons to his brother are going to follow Taulia to college, but the younger Tagovailoa shrugs off the pressure.

“Not too many people can say they have a brother that won the natty,’” Taulia told USA Today. “It’s pressure. It’s a good pressure for me. It forces me to get better.”

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1. Taulia Has Committed to Alabama for 2019

Taulia has been committed to Alabama for months, but that has not stopped the Crimson Tide’s rivals from continuing to recruit the quarterback. Taulia explained why he committed to Alabama where he will join his brother in 2019.

“Just seeing my family happy and seeing what Tua did in the national championship and just seeing the work ethic over there and the environment over there,” Taulia told AL.com.

Despite being committed to Alabama, Taulia recently took a recruiting visit to Tennesee. He is also being recruited by LSU, and will be in attendance at Tiger Stadium when his brother takes on LSU. 247 Sports explains why LSU is continuing to pursue Taulia.

Tagovailoa will be in Tiger Stadium this weekend for the matchup with the Tide, but the bigger question will be whether he and his family will return to campus for an official visit at some point in the coming months. If so, perhaps LSU does have a better shot than most have anticipated. If not, the writing would be on the wall that he plans to follow in his brother’s footsteps and sign with the Tide.

2. Taulia Took an Official Visit to LSU on the Weekend the Tigers Played Alabama

Taulia may be committed to Alabama but that has not stopped LSU from trying to flip the quarterback. Taulia took an official visit to LSU on the same weekend his brother was playing against the Tigers. Taulia spoke to AL.com about how the visit went.

“It was nice, really amazing,” Taulia explained to AL.com. “Coach O is like family to me and he took me in like family. He’s hilarious and I like him a lot, but who wouldn’t? He’s a great coach, and he cares for his team. It’s an amazing environment there, and I was blessed with an opportunity to experience it.”

It was an interesting trip for Taulia who obviously wanted to cheer on his brother.

“It was good, and I wanted to be there to support my brother,” Taulia noted to AL.com. “We actually had all of our family there to support him like they were for me tonight. It’s a lot more fun when you have them there behind you and cheering for you. Win or lose, we’re still family and I’ve been blessed to have them.”

3. Taulia Is the No. 5 Ranked Quarterback for the 2019 Class

Like his brother coming out of high school, Taulia is one of the top recruits in the country. Taulia is rated a four-star recruit on both 247 Sports and Rivals. 247 Sports ranked Taulia as the No. 5 pro-style quarterback in the country.

Rivals classifes Taulia as a dual-threat quarterback and ranked him No. 5 in the country. Taulia describes his mobility as a way to make his passing ability even more impactful.

“I see myself as a pocket passer with the ability to run and extend plays,” Taulia told AL.com.

4. Taulia Moved to Alabama From Hawaii With His Parents to Be Near Tua

The Tagovailoa family decided to move to Alabama from Hawaii once Tua joined the Crimson Tide. According to Bleacher Report, the family moved to Alabaster, Alabama which about an hour and ten-minute drive to Tuscaloosa. Tua and Taulia’s father Galu Tagovailoa admitted that things have been a bit different since his oldest son became the quarterback at Alabama.

“When Tua would throw, Taulia would throw [in national title game],” Galu told Bleacher Report. “When Tua would eat, Taulia would eat the same thing. When Tua would speak, Taulia would try to sound just like him.”

5. Taulia Has a Chance to Be Alabama’s Backup Quarterback Behind His Brother in 2019

The quickest Tua can head to the NFL is 2020, meaning he would get at least one year to play with his brother if Taulia comes to Alabama. Taulia noted he wants to create his own path, but the pull to be close to family helped him make the decision to head to Tuscaloosa.

“It was challenging for me,” Taulia explained to Bleacher Report. “I want to make a name for myself, and I don’t always want to be in Tua’s shadow. But it came down to family. My parents won’t have to travel far to see my games, and Tua and I are also really close.”

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