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10 Best Bristle Dart Boards: Compare, Buy & Save

best bristle dart boards


Dart boards don’t last forever and eventually you’ll need an upgrade. But what direction do you want to go in? Well, we’re here to help. We’ve come with a list below of the best bristle dart boards available to make your decision easier.

The list features some of the most popular and highest-rated boards from the top brands in the business such as Winmau, Unicorn, Viper, and more, all ideal for steel tip darts use.

What are the Best Dart Boards in 2020?

winmau blade 5 dual core dart board Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Top technology
  • High-scoring potential
  • British Darts Organization endorsed
Price: $87.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
unicorn eclipse pro 2 dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Unicorn is the official board of the PDC
  • Larger scoring areas
  • Grade "A" sisal construction
Price: $85.49 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
viper shot king bristle dart board Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Staple-free bullseye
  • 6 darts included
  • Low price
Price: $41.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
alien competiton dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Extra thin wiring system
  • World Dart Federation approved
  • Staple-free wiring
Price: $84.74 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
nodor supamatch 3 dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Extra-thin wiring
  • Mounting equipment included
  • Brand new design
Price: $76.87 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
viper razorback dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Good price
  • Self-healing sisal construction
  • Good for both steel and soft tip darts
Price: $54.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
unicorn eclipse hd2 dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Will be used in PDC TV events until 2022
  • Increased scoring area
  • Bright board for excellent visibility
Price: $67.76 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
dmi bandit dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bright board for better visibility
  • Official World Cup dartboard
  • 1-year guarantee against defects
Price: $89.49 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
one80 gladiator 2 dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Made of top-grade African sisal
  • Minimizes bounce outs
  • Anti-glare number rings
Price: $69.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
viper aim 360 dartboard Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for improving aim
  • High-grade sisal construction
  • Staple-free bullseye
Price: $53.75 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

    • Dual Core technology has lower compression on the outer for fewer bounce outs and the interior is higher compression for better durability
    • The 14 percent less wiring system promotes more scoring, including in doubles and triples
    • The Rota-Lock triple-wheel lock and level system is easy to install and locks into position with no movement
    • On the pricey side
    • Some users felt this model didn't last as long as the previous ones
    • You'll need to buy your own darts; this doesn't come with them

    Arguably on the best bristle dart boards on the market today, the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core features innovative technology and features designed to maximize scoring. Winmau is known as one of the top producers of dart boards in the world. 

    The newest model of Winmau’s impressive stable of boards features the Dual Core technology, a double layer constructed to cut down on bounce outs, increase scoring, and promote durability. The exterior has a lower compression which reduces resistance so you’ll score more points rather than watch your darts fall to the ground. The inner core has higher compression which absorbs energy which helps with longevity.

    Now for the wiring, which the Blade 5 Dual Core features much less than its predecessor, the Blade 4. Overall there is 14 percent less wiring area, which opens up an extra 6mm squared of scoring space in the triples and 9mm for doubles. The wiring is also thinner on the radials (10 percent) and dynamic sectors (20 percent). The Blade 5 also features a 60 degree angle wiring (as opposed to 90 degrees for the Blade 4) and 20 percent stronger steel, which will help deflect your darts into the scoring areas. Yes, the Blade 5 Dual Core is designed to get you points. 

    Lastly, the bristle dart board features Rota-Lock triple-wheel lock and level system, which is easy to set up and hang, where it stays in place, hardly moving. You can also rotate it easily and quickly. And, of course, it is regulation size and is endorsed by the British Darts Organization (BDO).

    I’ve been playing often on the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core for the past few months and it certainly checks a lot of the boxes. Receptive to darts with few bounce outs? Yes. Durable? It has gotten a lot of use and is holding up very well. Improved scoring? Less wiring definitely helps in that department as well as less causing less bounce outs. I’ve also found it to be very “self healing.” That means after you take the dart out to the board, the sisal bristles will come back together to close the hole to help with its longevity and playability.

    Are you going to pay a bit more for this board than most? Sure, but it appears to be worth it. 

    But don’t worry, if you want to spend this much on a board there on plenty of high-quality, less expensive ones on the list. 

    As a matter of fact, if you like this board and want to save a couple bucks check out the Winmau Blade 5 Dart Board. This doesn’t have the Dual Core technology, but has the same exact specs listed above. 

  2. 2. Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 Bristle Dartboard

    • The board features a very thin bullseye, including 2% increased area in the "25"
    • Staple-free construction minimizes bounce outs while maximizing scoring area
    • The brand new Spider2 radial wires are slim and keep a clean playing area
    • On the pricey side
    • Quantities are limited
    • It doesn't have the Dual Core technology as seen in the Winmau 5

    If you’re a dart player, you’ve heard of Unicorn. If not, Unicorn is the official dartboard sponsor of the Professional Darts Corporation (@officialPDC). And their Pro Eclipse 2 is one of their newest releases.

    The board features next generation bristle technology and a slew of other highlights that maximize performance and durability. It is made of Grade “A” sisal, which is highly self-healing and that helps with the longevity of the board. 

    Other upgraded highlights of the Pro Eclipse 2 are the Spider2 radial wiring system which opens up the board for a clean playing area, while increasing the scoring spots and reducing bounce outs. The increase in scoring is extremely evident in the bullseye, where thanks to the ultra-thin wiring, the scoring area is increased by 14 percent overall, including 2 percent in the single bull or the “25 point” range. Who ccouldn’t use a little extra room in that area?

    The downside is that this board costs over $100, but the upgraded features make it well worth it if you’re serious about your game. If you want to save a few bucks, the prior version, the Unicorn Pro Eclipse, can be had for under $50. It remains a hot seller and is a great board, as it is also endorsed by the PDC.

    You can’t really go wrong as Unicorn’s reputation is as good as any in the business. If you want the upgraded technology, the Eclipse Pro 2 is your move. If you want to go easy on the wallet, then maybe check out the Eclipse Pro.



  3. 3. Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard

    • Constructed of compressed sisal bristle fibers for added durabililty
    • It has a movable number ring which allows you to rotate the dartboard, extending its longevity
    • The staple-free bullseye helps cut down on bounce outs to promote higher scoring
    • Some users said it isn't an effective self-healing board
    • Some felt the included darts weren't very good
    • Some users weren't satisfied with the wiring

    If you’re looking to spend less, but want quality, then look no further than the Viper Shot King Bristle Dart Board, which can be had for under $40. At that price point, it’s one of the best bristle dart boards the casual player will find considering its excellent quality.

    One of the top highlights of this board is the bullseye, which is staple-free for less bounce outs and a thin profile wiring to promote higher scoring. If fact, the entire board has thin, rounded galvanized spider wire which helps your darts slide into the scoring areas. The wiring is also removable, so you can rotate it to extend the board’s longevity. 

    The board itself is made of tightly compressed sisal fibers, which will help the surface self heal and provide durability. The board is regulation size (18 inches diameter, 1 1/2 inches deep) and comes with 6 steel tip darts and mounting hardware. 

    Viper isn’t just in the dartboard business. Check out more Viper Darts and Accessories at Amazon. 


  4. 4. Alien Competition Bristle Dartboard

    • The razor wire technology promotes more scoring, including in the bullseye area
    • Made of durable and bright, self-healing sisal fibers which helps you see the board better
    • The wiring and sisal construction greatly reduce bounce outs
    • This particular model is an older one so it might not have the latest technology
    • Some users noticed the board itself is larger than most in diameter, though the scoring area is the same
    • Some users felt the mounting bracket (which is included) didn't hold the board firmly

    The Alien Competition Bristle Dartboard from Dart World comes highly recommended thanks to the razor-thin wiring system which almost gives off a feel of having no wires at all.

    The wiring is staple-free, including in the bullseye area, which helps to greatly reduce those dreaded bounce outs while promoting more scoring. The board, which is official size and approved by the World Darts Federation (WDF), also features embedded blade dividers.

    The Alien Competition is made of high-quality sisal bristles, which also happen to be excellent at self-healing so the board should last you awhile. It should be noted that the face of the board is extremely bright, with the white areas really popping out, and it has a coated number ring, both of which will help get you better visibility when throwing.

    Mounting hardware is included so you can hang it on any wall. And it comes at a pretty good price compared to some others on this list.


  5. 5. Nodor SupaMatch 3 Bristle Dartboard

    • Scoring potential is increased thanks to thinner wires on both the radials and dynamic sector
    • The bullseye features carbon diffusion technology for a harder surface for performance and durability
    • The sisal base is bright and clear, thus helping with visibility
    • On the pricey side
    • This board is pretty new, so how durable it is isn't really known
    • It's slightly heavier than most boards on this list

    One of the newest items on the list is the Nodor SupaMatch 3. If you’ve never heard of Nodor, they are the inventors of bristle dartboards, which date back to 1932. This board complies with World Darts Federation (WDF) specifications and endorsed by both the American Darts Organization (ADO) and the National Darts Federation of Canada (NDFC).

    As for the board’s features, it’s geared toward scoring as the staple-free wiring is 20 percent thinner on the dynamic sectors and 10 percent thinner on the radials. These will also help prevent bounce outs.

    The board itself is constructed of high-grade East African sisal which provides maximum durability thanks to its self-healing ability. Also, the bullseye area is staple-free (another Nodor invention) and has carbon diffusion technology for a hard surface, which will result in better overall performance.

    It has a SupaLock and level system and all included fixtures for easy, secure mounting that can be rotated to enhance the board’s longevity.

    If you’re looking to save a couple dollars, check out its predecessor, the Nodor SupaMatch 2, which goes for just over $50 and features much of the same technology as the 3. 

  6. 6. Viper Razorback Official Competition Bristle Dartboard

    • Extremely thin spider wire helps cut down on bounce outs and promote scoring
    • The compressed sisal construction is designed to be self-healing for added durability
    • The movable number ring allows you to rotate the board to extend its longevity
    • Some users felt the self-healing feature wasn't as effective as others
    • Some might find that the number ring is too dark to see very well
    • Some felt some of the wiring was a "bit off" in some spots

    Viper undoubtedly makes some of the best dart boards if you’re looking for an inexpensive option without really sacrificing quality. The Razorback Official Competition Bristle Board is just one of those. 

    It’s regulation size and is constructed from high-quality, compressed sisal fibers, which promote self-healing when removing your darts from the board, whether you’re using steel or soft tips. 

    And you won’t have to worry as much about the bounce outs as the Razorback features a razor-thin spider wiring system, which is completely staple-free, even in the bullseyes. Maximize scoring and minimize bending down to pick your darts up from the floor. The wire ring is movable, so you can rotate the board to extend its longevity.

  7. 7. Unicorn Eclipse HD2 High Definition Professional Bristle Dartboard

    • The playing surface is made of high-grade, durable sisal for lasting longevity
    • The narrow wiring system opens up 14 percent more on the playing board, including 2 percent on the "25" bullseye
    • This board will be the official one for all televised PDC tournaments until 2022
    • On the pricey side
    • Some users felt it wasn't durably constructed
    • Some users might not like the numbering setup; they aren't connected to the main wiring

    If you watch darts on TV, then you might have seen the Unicorn Eclipse HD2 High Definition Professional Bristle Dartboard. It will be used in all televised Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events until 2022. 

    The Eclipse HD2 is that popular for a reason as it boasts an extra-thin, staple-free Spider2 radial wiring system that increases the playing area by 14 percent, which will lead to more scoring. This wiring has no external legs, just around the playing board. The numbers, unlike most boards, are stand-alone and aren’t connected to the main wiring. It’s different than most boards, but it does help with number visibility.

    The board itself is constructed of high-grade “A” sisal, which helps keep your darts from bouncing out as well as promoting self-healing. The innovative Unicorn UniLock wall lock system allows you to attach the board securely to all wall surfaces, including uneven ones.


  8. 8. DMI The Bandit Bristle Dartboard

    • It features an innovative interlocking stainless steel wire divider system for minimal dart interaction
    • 10 percent more playing surface to promote scoring
    • The high-grade sisal fiber construction provides added playability and durability
    • Some users felt it didn't last long
    • Some said the board wasn't delivered in great shape
    • A little pricey

    If you’re looking for one of the best dart boards based on orginality, then take a look at the DMI The Bandit.

    While nearly all of the boards on this list have the spider wiring design, The Bandit uses an interlocking divider band system, which embeds into the board while leaving virtually no wire for your deflect against. This wiring is also staple-free. With no staples or spider wiring, there’s about 10 percent more playing area available, which leads to more scoring.

    The Bandit, which is the official board of the World Cup Tournament, is made of high-quality sisal fibers, which helps will self-healing to add to its longevity. The number ring is removable, so you can rotate the board, which will also aid in durability. Mounting equipment is included for easy and secure wall attachment.


  9. 9. ONE80 Gladiator II Dartboard

    • The extremely thin sword-edge spider wiring system maximizes scoring and minimizes bounce outs
    • The ferrule system maks it easy to securely mount and won't damage the backboard
    • The coloring fluid gives the board a bright appearance and the number ring is non-glare for great vision
    • Some users felt the board wasn't very effective in self-healing
    • While the playing area is official size, users said the board isn't a full 18 inches in diameter like most
    • This is an older model; the Gladiator 3 is out but currently out of stock

    It’s got the name and the ONE80 Gladiator 2 Dartboard has the technology for a long-lasting, high-performance board.

    It’s made from high-grade African (Kenya) sisal, which is tightly compressed to be self-healing and highly playable, while maintaining durability. The G2 has a razor-thin “sword edge” spider wiring, which is staple-free and promotes more scoring and less bounce outs. 

    The board’s coloring fluid creates a bright, highly visible surface and the non-glare number ring also helps with the clear visual on each throw. Lastly, the ferrule system allows for a quick, easy, and secure mount which won’t damage the backboard.

  10. 10. Viper AIM 360 Tournament Bristle Dartboard

    • There are aiming marks on the doubles and triples; also included are 3 movable aiming rings
    • Made of the highest grade sisal for excellent durability, playability and self-healing
    • Razor thin spider wire as well as a staple-free bullseye for fewer bounce outs
    • Slightly on the pricey side
    • Probably best suited for new players
    • Some might find the aiming marks distracting

    If you’re looking to improve your accuracy — let’s face it, who isn’t? — one of the best bristle dart boards you can get is the Viper AIM 360.

    This board is a bit different from all the other ones on this list as it has diamond-shaped aiming marks in the middle of each double and triple. It also include three movable aiming circles which you can put anywhere on the board to help you get that much-desired pinpoint accuracy on any number in any spot. It really is a useful tool and board all around for precision. The board itself is made of high-grade compressed sisal, which is self-healing and very durable. 

    While the board itself might look different than other boards, it lives up to Viper’s standards. The AIM 360 has extremely thin spider wiring system, which is completely staple-free, including on the bullseye. The number ring is also removable so you can rotate the board to extend its life. Mounting equipment is included.

    If you’re looking for a more traditional practice model, take a look at the Nodor Champion’s Choice Practice Dartboard, which features half-width doubles and triples, as well as a mini SupaBull double red bullseye. The smaller sizes will really help you improve accuracy on those all-important areas.


So what should you be looking for when buying a bristle dart board? If you want a good board, you'll probably have to spend a few dollars, but, in the end, it'll be worth it. Let's review some of the most important qualities to ensure you get a playable, effective, and durable board.

High-grade sisal construction -- When these sisal fibers are tightly compressed together they provide a self-healing process when you remove the darts from the board, extending its longevity.

Staple-free, thin wiring system -- Thinner wiring systems that are staple-free provide a larger playing surface, which leads to more scoring. They also helps prevent bounce outs.

Get an official size board -- An official board measures 17 3/4 to 18 inches in diameter from end to end. The actual playable area is 13 1/4 inches in diameter.

The ability to mount the board -- Mounting a board onto a backboard surface on a wall will provide much more stability than a board hanging on a hook.

Removable number ring -- A removable number ring allows you to rotate the dart board after a while in order to allow it heal in high volume hitting areas to add to its overall durability.


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