Gypsy Benitez, Aqib Talib’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gypsy Benitez Aquib Talib wife

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Gypsy Benitez is Aqib Talib’s wife. They have been married since 2016, and have three children together, though at least one of those children, Kiara, is from a former relationship of Talib’s.

Gypsy, who took Talib’s last name following their wedding, is a quiet person, with social media accounts that are private and little known about her beyond her relationship to her husband. Aqib, however, is a little bit less subtle, and offers plenty of insight into his relationship and family life through the information that he shares to reporters and on social media.

Here’s what you need to know about Aqib Talib’s wife and family:

1. The Talibs’ Wedding Featured Dozens of NFL Players From Various Teams, Including the Patriots

According to USA Today, Aqib and Gypsy were married following Denver’s Super Bowl victory, and their wedding affair was filled with NFL players from across the league. This included, surprisingly enough, a number of Patriots players, despite their fresh super bowl loss to Talib’s team: the Patriots players who attended Talib’s wedding included Vince Wilfork, Devin McCourty, Jerod Mayo, Duron Harmon, and LeGarrette Blount, per USA Today.

Many players took to Instagram to commemorate the event. Jason and Devin McCourty’s joint Instagram account posted a picture of the wedding with the caption, “Celebrated the bro Leeb wedding last night…great times with special ppl…let wedding season begin…#Imupnext LOL-Dmac”

Vince Wilfork wrote on Instagram, “Last night was a great “reunion” but a even better “union”. Nothing like seeing love and being able to be a part of something special … Great people great times Talib & Gypsy I wish you nothing but the best …. Family and much love always … OG. #thetalibaffair2016″

Anyone wishing to see more pictures from the special occasion can peruse the hashtag #TheTalibAffair2016 on Instagram.

2. Gypsy’s Instagram Is Private, But Talib Posts About Her Frequently On His Own

Gypsy’s Instagram account is @mrstalib21, but it’s set to private. In spite of that, her husband posts enough of her on his own account to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.

On Valentine’s Day, Talib posted a picture of their wedding day and captioned it, “Happy Valentines Day Wifey! @mrstalib21”

In another Instagram, Talib wrote, “I love being behind this Woman!!! #wcw #swaggydavisjr ”

3. Aqib & Gypsy Have Three Children Together, Though at Least One Is From a Former Relationship

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Swimming in Gifts!!! #merrychristmas

A post shared by Aqib Talib (@aqibtalib21) on Dec 24, 2016 at 7:26am PST

Aqib and Gypsy have three children, though the oldest, Kiara, is from a previous relationship Aqib had in college, and one of the son’s names is unknown. The second oldest child is named Jabril.

Aqib often posts pictures to his Instagram of his children, though he doesn’t reveal much information about them. In 2016, though, his daughter Kiara went viral following the Broncos’ Super Bowl win.

Per Sports Illustrated, Talib brought his three children with him to his post-game presser, but Kiara stole the show when she leaned into the mic and yelled, “We just made world history!”

4. Kiara Talib Is an Up-and-Coming Dancer, With Over 10,000 Followers on Instagram

Talib’s daughter, Kiara, is from a relationship that he had in college, and the young girl has already developed a massive social following for her moves as a hip hop dancer.

Kiara’s Instagram, @MissKKTalib, already boasts over 10,000 followers. Her bio reads,

“Actor ? •Dancer ? •Model ?
•@mtakids ??•@cesdtalent ?•@cubcakesdance ??
??‍♀️ Mom Managed Account ‼️?

Aqib often gives his daughter shout outs on his own Instagram feed. Kiara is so successful on Instagram that she has already began to post sponsored content on her feed, including this post encouraging her followers to buy customized necklaces.

5. Talib’s Marriage Made Headlines Following the Broncos’ Super Bowl Win After Talib Made an Explicit Comment About Her on National Television

Before his daughter made an entire press conference burst into laughter following the Broncos’ Super Bowl win in 2016, Talib surprised people himself by interrupting a reporter mid-question, turning to his wife, and saying, “You’re looking gorgeous, baby. We’re gonna get it in tonight.”

Naturally, fans went crazy with the quote, replying to the tweet of the quote with comments like:

“Next year’s Super Bowl baby commercial already in the works”


“Going to make a super bowl baby?”