Trevor Lawrence’s Hair Draws Comparison to Sunshine in ‘Remember the Titans’

trevor lawrence sunshine hair

Getty Trevor Lawrence pictured next to actor Kip Pardue who played Sunshine in "Remember the Titans."

Trevor’s Lawrence hair prompted teammates to give him the nickname of Sunshine thanks to his resemblance to one of the main characters in “Remember the Titans”. See below for a side by side comparison of Lawrence and Sunshine.

As for the Sunshine nickname, it is not Lawrence’s preferred name, but it does not seem to bother the Clemson quarterback.

“It [Sunshine] is okay,” Lawrence explained to TigerNet. “I used to have short hair back in the day, so it didn’t really start until I started growing my hair out. But I never really liked it. I just like being called Trevor. Every time I start school or have new classes I hear William, because Trevor is my middle name. So, I go into a new class and I hear, ‘William Lawrence.’ I am not used to that, so I have to tell everybody I am just Trevor. That’s the name I like the best.”

As for Lawrence’s hair, the Clemson quarterback told Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples that it started as a trial and now it has become permanent.

“I had really short hair my freshman year [of high school], and then I just decided to grow it out, and it kind of stuck,” Lawrence told Sports Illustrated. “So I just left it.”

Trevor Lawrence’s Hair Has Its Own Twitter Account

Lawrence also noted he keeps it simple when it comes to maintenance and uses Pantene shampoo per Sports Illustrated. Lawrence’s hair even has its own Twitter account @TLawHair. The account mostly retweets videos and photos of Lawrence’s hair with the #GoWithTheFlow.

“Apply Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Silky. Wash, rinse and repeat. 16 times. ? #GoWithTheFlow,” one tweet reads.

Sunshine Nickname Fits Trevor Lawrence’s Demeanor

Not only does the long hair match Sunshine, but so does the laid-back demeanor. It is a big reason Clemson is playing for a national title in just his freshman season. Lawrence goes up against one of the best defenses in college football every week in practice. Tigers defensive tackle Christian Wilkins noted he has not been able to rattle Lawrence.

“As much as I might’ve gotten into his face or just me being who I am, he never really responded, he just shrugged it off,” Wilkins explained to ESPN. “He was never rattled; it never got into his head. I knew he’d be ready for the big stage because he just never responded.”

Lawrence’s hair became one of the biggest images of the 2018 college football season. Here’s a look at some of the best Lawrence memes and GIFs.

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