Jim Nantz & Fred Couples: How Did Nantz Know the Golf Legend?

Jim Nantz Fred Couples


Jim Nantz and Fred Couples were college roommates during their time as undergraduates at the University of Houston.

Per Mental Floss, the future sportscaster and the future Masters champion were roommates in the early 1970s; they also had another well-known roommate: Blaine McCallister, who would become a professional golfer as well.

Nantz has spoken about his friendship and intimate relationship with Couples at several points over the last few years. Here’s what you need to know:

Nantz Said Couples Was a ‘Good Sleeper’ in College’

In conversation with Nick Faldo in 2017, Nantz shared his experiences with Couples in college, and even revealed that Couples would often sleep through class.

When Faldo asked, “Did Fred Couples snore?,” Nantz replied, “He was a good sleeper, that’s for sure.”

Faldo replied, “That means he snored.”

Nantz answered, “He’s very relaxed. He slept a lot, that’s for sure. Slept through a lot of classes.”

Nantz, however, made it clear that he did not. He said, “I loved class!”

You can watch the full conversation in the video in the tweet above, which was recorded by Faldo’s wife.

Nantz Introduced Couples When He Was Inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame

In 2013, Nantz provided a heartfelt introduction for his friend, Couples, as he was inducted into the 2013 World Golf Hall of Fame.

During his introduction, Nantz said, “Never underedstimate the power of a dream. We would sit in our dorm room, and we would play act the butler cabin ceremony. I figured it was good for both of us, we both could learn something. Blaine McCallister was right there, participating with us, too. But one thing we screwed up: we never rehearsed the World Golf Hall of Fame induction speech.”

When Couples took the stage, he honored his friend first, saying, “Hello friends!,” which is a known line of Nantz’s.

Couples continued, “That’s what I got out of 1978 in a dorm room with Jimmy. He used that line then and he’s still using it.”

In 1992, Nantz Commentated on the 1992 Masters Championship That Couples Won

1992 Masters (13/13)Final round broadcast of the 1992 Masters Tournament.2015-09-24T13:06:43.000Z

Jim Nantz was the announcer of the 1992 Masters’ Tournament, which Couples would eventually win. He was also present for Couples receiving his green jacket as a Masters champion, as can be seen in the video above.

Since their time at the University of Houston, Nantz, McCallister, and Couples endowed the first scholarship for the University of Houston’s basketball team, which still exists to this day. The scholarship pays full tuition for one of the players, as Nantz explained in 2018 to The Post Game. 

Nantz explained how he felt “indebted” to the program, because he was the host of the coach’s television show. Nantz said, “My entrance into television and radio and all that came through the Houston basketball program…I’m not just some crazed alumni who’s proud of his team.”

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