Tony Romo Net Worth 2019: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

tony romo net worth

Getty Tony Romo's net worth is in the millions.

Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned CBS broadcaster, is a very wealthy man, a millionaire many times over.

The money comes from multiple sources, including Romo’s football contracts, his broadcasting salary, and advertising work. Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, is calling Super Bowl 2019, between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, for CBS. How much is Romo worth?

Tony Romo Net Worth: $70 Million

Most sites that estimate net worth put Tony Romo’s net worth at around $70 million. Even after leaving professional football, Romo has continued to rake in millions of dollars a year.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Tony Romo’s Football Contracts Earned Him Many Millions

candice romo

GettyAs a former sports broadcaster, Candice Romo has been impressed by her husband Tony Romo.

Although his career has ended, Tony Romo, as a high-profile quarterback for a high-profile team, raked in millions of dollars playing professional football.

SportTrac estimates that he pulled in $127 million during the course of his football career for the Cowboys. SportsTrac lists Romo’s earnings per year. According to the site, his earnings started out around $235,000 in 2003. That escalated rapidly, however.

Romo was earning more than $3 million a year by 2007. In 2008, his earnings escalated to more than $17 million. At his earnings height in 2013, he made more than $26 million. That’s quite a haul for about 14 years of playing time in the National Football League.

2. Romo Has Appeared in Advertisements for Chaps & Other Brands

candice romo

GettyTony Romo and wife, Candice Romo, attend the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner.

Tony Romo spoke to Men’s Health about his life in retirement, and indicated that it’s family-centered. “Peace and quiet is rare,” Romo told “Around 6:30, a kid usually comes up and tackles me.” He has three sons – Rivers, Jones, and Hawkins.

The boys, Romo, and Romo’s wife, Candice Romo, have a lucrative deal with a top clothing manufacturer. Romo and his family appear in advertisements for Chaps. Modern Luxury in 2018 called Romo and his family the “new faces for Chaps Ralph Lauren.”

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Over the years, he’s had other advertising deals, working for such major brands as DirecTV, Under Armour, Pizza Hut, and Corona. According to Celebrity Net Worth, “He’s an enthusiastic amateur golfer who failed to qualify for the U.S. Open in 2005 and has an endorsement deal worth $10 million with Starter.”

3. Tony Romo Was Not Raised Extremely Wealthy But Is Close to His Family

GettyFormer Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Tony Romo’s family is based in Burlington, Wisconsin, and he appears close to them. He is the son of Ramiro and Joan Romo. His grandparents are named Ramiro Sr. and Felicita. According to ESPN, Ramiro Sr. “was born in Múzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico, and moved to the U.S. when he was a teenager before settling in Racine, Wis., where he met his wife.”

Romo was born Antonio Ramiro Romo in San Diego where his father was stationed in the U.S. Navy.

According to ESPN, Romo has discussed the family’s immigration story.

“It’s pretty neat how they grew up, how they came into this country and how they instilled a lot of our family values,” Ramiro said to the network. The article reported that Romo is close to his parents and grandparents.

“It’s great to have that support and that they’re there to care for you,” Tony said to ESPN. “I’m lucky enough to have two parents that were there when I was growing up. Not everybody has that. I’m blessed to have two parents like I do.”

4. Romo Has Now Moved Into a Broadcasting Career for CBS

Tony Romo retirement, Tony Romo CBS, Tony Romo Cowboys stats

Tony Romo

“When you think about the NFL, two of the most iconic brands are the Dallas Cowboys and CBS Sports,” Romo said in a statement from CBS when he took on a broadcasting role there. “Going from one legendary team to another as I begin the next phase of my career is a dream come true.”

Romo earns $4 million a year for CBS, but the network was prepared to up his salary to keep him from going elsewhere, according to Sports Illustrated. The magazine notes that Romo was praised for his ability to predict plays.

According to his wife, Romo practiced for a broadcasting career in front of the family.

“When he was playing, after every game – win or lose – we’d invite everyone over to the house that was at the game with us and he would stand up in front of the TV and break down his game,” she told USA Today. “I even got him a pointer because it was very serious,” she said. “He would analyze the game and break it down, so this was a natural transition.

5. Romo’s Wife Candice Owns a Business & Had a Broadcasting Career of Her Own

Tony Romo retirement, Tony Romo CBS, Tony Romo Cowboys stats, Tony Romo wife

GettyTony Romo and his wife.

Tony Romo is not the only breadwinner in the family. His wife, Candice Crawford, has a small business and has worked in television as well.

According to, he married the former Candice Crawford in 2011. She was the former Miss Missouri and had worked as a television anchor. She is Chace Crawford’s sister.

IMBD reports that she worked for KOMU-TV as a reporter and sports anchor, and “spent two summers interning with the Dallas Cowboys,” where she was an on-air reporter for a Cowboys segment called “The Blitz.”

She is a native of Dallas, Texas. She also co-founded Hawk and Sloane, “an essential oil spray company,” reports the Mirror.

She described how they met to Deadspin, saying, “I met him two years ago when I was an intern with the Cowboys. I was doing their off-season show The Blitz. And I had worked there over the summer so we had met then. I was underage. Then, two years later, he broke up with his girlfriend. I broke up with my boyfriend. And I got back to Dallas to do Special Edition. The Cowboys broadcasting department who I am really close with were like, ‘Hey buddy, we hired your intern friend again.’ We ended up going out and have been going to dinner every since.”

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