Tony Romo’s Wife, Candice Romo, Is Super Bowl Announcer’s Biggest Fan

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Getty As a former sports broadcaster, Candice Romo has been impressed by her husband Tony Romo.

Tony Romo’s performance in the announcing booth has caught many fans by surprise, but his wife, Candice Romo, knew the former Cowboys quarterback would succeed. Tony has been doing this for years, just without the job title. As a player, Tony would invite a few friends back to their home to rewatch the game he had just played under center.

“Actually, after every game, win or lose, we would have people back at the house and he would go through the game with a little pointer and go through the whole game,” Candice explained to the Dallas News. “So I knew he would be great at this. I totally felt like this would transition well for him. You never when it comes to producing and the cameras and the timing, how that would work out, but I just can’t believe how naturally he is at it. I’m really impressed.”

Fans have been impressed by Tony’s authenticity and ability to predict plays before they happen. Candice earned a journalism degree at the University of Missouri and was a sports broadcaster in the Dallas area when she met Tony. Candice noted her husband is naturally doing what it takes many in the industry years to figure out.

“It’s funny because I would be watching his games and he’d come home and ask, ‘how did I do.’ And I’d say, ‘That was great, but that was a little – when you said that, I felt like that was kind of weird,'” Candice noted to the Dallas News. “And he’d be like, ‘But everyone loved it on Twitter.’ So he definitely takes it very seriously. It took a lot of preparation over the summer. People work their whole lives to get to do what he’s doing, so had a really boot camp-like summer. I was really impressed at how natural he sounded when he started.”

Tony & Candice Romo Have 3 Kids: Jones, Hawk & Rivers

The couple has three children and if Tony gets his wish they will continue to add to their family. As for Candice, she is not sure if they will continue to have children.

“Whether it’s vacations, or dinners, or kids, he likes lots of people,” Candice told Yahoo. “The more the merrier … is always his rule, but, you know, our youngest is just about to turn 1, so it’s hard for me to think past the baby right now. But who knows? You never say never. I feel that we might be done. We’re just enjoying our little baby right now, so we haven’t thought much about it.”

Candice Romo Competed in Miss USA & Is an Entrepreneur

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Candice grew up competing in beauty pageants and was named Miss Missouri in 2008. Candice went on to finish in the top 10 at the Miss USA contest. In addition to her role as a mother, Candice is also an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Hawk + Sloane, a fragrance company for parents.

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