John Calipari’s Wife, Ellen, Calls Coach Cal ‘Swaggy Roommate’ on Instagram

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Getty John Calipari pictured with wife, Ellen Calipari.

John Calipari’s wife, Ellen Calipari, has become a must-follow on Instagram. Ellen is merciless when it comes to making fun of Coach Cal on social media. Ellen dubs her husband “The Roommate” and often posts photos of John not helping out around the house. After calling out Coach Cal for not taking out the trash, Ellen posted this video of her husband taking out the garbage can and referred to him as “Swaggy Roommate.”

“Inquiring minds want to know…look who’s helping take the trash cans down 2 weeks in a row! ? He even knew it was trash day ? Now I’m wondering if he’s up so something! I think he’s just “Swaggy Roommate”! ?,” Ellen posted on Instagram.

Ellen also recently posted herself doing the “PJ Challenge”, a nod to a viral video PJ Washington posted of himself walking without a cast on his foot.

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It’s the PJ challenge! Oh yeah! ??

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Ellen noted that the two try not to take each other too seriously, and she uses Instagram as a way to give fans a glimpse into their family life. Ellen spoke to The Athletic about how she has been able to grow her Instagram account to 37,000 followers.

Because I’m killin’ my family and they like to see that. But that’s how we live our life, so to us, it’s normal to spar with each other and match wits. That’s our way of having a good time, and now we’re just kind of doing it publicly. People live off perception when they don’t really know us, and I think this is the way that people get to know us, which is a little odd sometimes, putting yourself out there for so many people. But I grew up in a small town in rural Missouri and everyone knew who I was — my mom worked at the school and my dad was on the school board, and there were 40 people in my graduating class — so you couldn’t do anything without everyone knowing. So I have nothing to hide. We live a life with nothing to hide. We don’t cheat on each other. We don’t do anything that we need to hide. We live a disappointingly normal life.

Coach Cal Tried to Save His Reputation on Valentine’s Day

After Ellen called out the Kentucky coach for not doing anything for Valentine’s Day, John took to Instagram to try to save his reputation. John posted a lengthy Instagram message complimenting his wife alongside a photo of Ellen holding a rose.

I know I’m not romantic and truly do nothing in my home, but I did take my wife to a Valentine’s dinner. She also got a very, very thoughtful card with chocolates. The dog got ahold of the card though so it’s very nice, but beat up.

I’m proud of my wife and how she is stepping outside her comfort zone. She is a great mother, wife and roommate!
Happy Valentine’s Day, Smellen. (My secret nickname)

Who’s funny now?? (And I’m not romantic?? How about that rose?? Spoiling the princess!!)