Nick Foles Rumors: Jaguars & Dolphins Among Top Fits In Free Agency

Nick Foles Rumors NFL Free Agency

Getty Nick Foles, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles, heads into 2019 NFL Free agency a top target.

After guiding the Philadelphia Eagles to the 2018 Super Bowl and salvaging their season behind a 3-0 finish last season, the Eagles decided to let Nick Foles test free agency. The move solidified the front office’s backing of oft-injured Carson Wentz as they simply could not afford to pay Foles and Wentz (when his rookie deal is up) and now Nick Foles rumors are swirling as NFL free agency begins to kick off.

With the quarterback situation in the NFL being spotty at best, there are a number of teams looking for a competent solution under center. While many teams already have too much money tied up and are simply unable to pursue Foles due to financial reasons, he should still have a number of suitors give his incredibly clutch play and extraordinary performances.

Nick Foles Free Agency Rumor: Jaguars Likely Top Landing Spot

All signs point to Blake Bortles being on the way out in Jacksonville and even with him under contract, the Jaguars have nearly $30 million in cap space available heading into NFL free agency. Bortles made strides in limiting his notorious amount of turnovers last season but isn’t a reliable enough option for the Jaguars to rely on to consistently win games.

Despite their chaotic season last year, the Jaguars remain a top-flight defense and a quarterback like Foles could do wonders in helping to take pressure off the defense and keep them well-rested over the course of their games. In 2017, the Jaguars were able to go 10-6 on the back of great defensive performances in what were mostly low scoring affairs. However, 2018 was not as kind as although the defense was still one of the league’s best, they were unable to single-handedly will their team to victory and needed a bit of help from the offense.

Blake Bortles proved himself to not be up to that task and Nick Foles is a proven winner. While the Jaguars definitely have other needs worth addressing, opening up the checkbook to sing Foles seems like the logical move for both sides. Despite being 30, Foles should still have a few years left in the tank. While he will be pricey (he opted out of a $20 million option with the Eagles), he won’t necessarily bankrupt the Jaguars they should have a bit of extra money laying around to add some complementary pieces if they can land Foles.

Nick Foles Free Agency Rumor: Dolphins a Fringe Candidate

While the Jaguars seem like the most obvious fit for Foles heading into NFL free agency, the Dolphins have an outside shot a making a move for the veteran signal-caller. Despite having big money tied up in Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins should have a little over $20 million in projected cap space for next season. More than cap space, Tannehill has proved to be inconsistent at best for the Dolphins, who are stuck in a division with the New England Patriots.

The Dolphins recently brought former Bronco’s quarterback Brock Osweiler, but he doesn’t offer much upside compared to Tannehill and the Dolphins are paying almost nothing out of pocket for him. Despite their lack of consistent quarterback play, the Dolphins actually looked decent last year and have some talented skill position players and promising young offensive linemen. The Dolphins also have some promising young talent on the defensive side and while not an elite unit by any means, they are capable of keeping their offense in games.

Foles would slot in nicely for the Dolphins, especially if they can find a home for Tannehill and his massive contract. However, the Jaguars present a bit more of a “Win now” scenario for Foles, making the Dolphins likely a distant second to the Jaguars.