Warriors’ Kevin Durant Won’t Go to Knicks, Will Join Nets Says Twitter Report

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Getty LeBron James is expected to try to recruit Kevin Durant to sign with the LA Lakers.

Kevin Durant will leave the Golden State Warriors and join the Brooklyn Nets according to popular Twitter rumor page, Igotsources.

The Twitter page who some believe is more of a troll page than a fan page, has become popular with the Lakers Twitter fan base.

While conducting a Q&A with followers, someone asked him what team Kevin Durant would join next.

Igotsources said their gut told them that Durant would join the Brooklyn Nets.

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No other networks or publications have corroborated this report.

Another Twitter follower asked if Durant was joining the New York Knicks.

Igotsources noted that they never believed Durant was joining the team.

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No other networks or publications have corroborated this report.

Many believe that the New York Knicks are going to dive head first into acquiring free-agent to be Kevin Durant in this summer’s NBA free agency sweepstakes.

Will he come to NYC???

Having a projected $72 million in cap space next year,the New York Knicks are reportedly the favorite to land Durant via NBA free agency this summer.

“I think they’re a top contender if he leaves Golden State,” NBA insider, Ric Bucher told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“I would expect that he goes to New York for a variety of reasons. Scott Perry was right-hand man to Sam Presti on the Oklahoma City Thunder for a long time. He and KD know each other very well. His business manager is from New York and is a huge Knicks fan. The idea that he would love to work for the Knicks and have some role in that, if that could be a consideration, I think all of that has some legitimacy to it. And so, I look at all of that, I look at what the business aspirations are and what New York could afford. And the fact that his business manager, that’s where he’s from and he knows the landscape and that if he goes to, I mean just imagine, he’s been a two-time NBA Finals MVP, he’s won a couple of rings.”

“The Knicks are quietly, I believe, becoming attractive,” FS1’s Jason McIntyre told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast earlier this year.

“The Knicks. Now listen, Zion’s going to be attractive to people. Again, I don’t think he’s going to be like the best player in the league right out the gate, right? He’s going to sell a lot of tickets, he’s unselfish, I actually think R.J. Barrett will be the number one pick, I think he’s a more complete offensive player. I don’t think Zion could be a number one in the NBA on a championship contender. I like Zion a lot, but I do wonder, are the Knicks attractive?”