Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Makes Hilarious Metaphor for Steph Curry’s Contacts

Kyle Kuzma Steph Curry Contacts

Getty Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers made a hilarious comment about Steph Curry's contacts.

On the back of a recent hot streak shooting from deep, Steph Curry let the world in on a seldom known fact that he recently started wearing contacts. Already known for his deadly accuracy as a career 43.6% shooter from deep, since popping in the contacts on March 16th, Curry has shot a blistering 48.7% from three. Putting up such otherworldly numbers, Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma chimed in ahead of their matchup tonight.

While Kuzma is out with an injury tonight, he has plenty of reason to be worried for his undermanned teammates. The leading scorer in seven of the ten games since getting his contacts, Curry has put on a clinic from deep and has exploded for 30+ points on three separate occasions. Aside from Kuzma, the Lakers are also without LeBron James, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Tyson Chandler. With such a banged up lineup heading into a matchup with Steph Curry and his clear vision, things could get ugly fast.

Twitter Reacts to Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Hilarious Metaphor for Steph Curry’s Contacts

The Steve Harvey gif is an accurate description of what NBA fans across the league are feeling after finding out about Steph Curry’s contacts.

It probably should count for doping, for what it’s worth.

Would this thread really be complete without the classic Spy Kids glasses gif?

He brings up a good point. For reference, Kyle Kuzma is a career 33.5% shooter from deep.

Wild Thing of Major Leauge fame was another star athlete who further honed their skills after correcting their vision.

It is really over for the league now…

I feel like ending this with the Terminator is only fitting given what Curry is capable of.

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