Tiger Woods & Girlfriend Erica Herman Became Instagram Official in 2017

Tiger Woods girlfriend


Tiger Woods celebrated his fifth win at The Masters with his girlfriend Erica Herman. It’s unclear exactly how long the two have been dating, but they started stepping out together in 2017. While Woods and Herman try to keep their relationship private, the two are actually Instagram official — and have been since 2017.

Things seem to have gotten more serious between Woods and Herman, but a source previously told People Magazine that Woods didn’t have marriage on the brain when the two first met.

“No one has signed any paperwork. It’s not like they’re pledging their lives to each other. But she’s really nice and Tiger likes her. Tiger doesn’t like to be alone… But he doesn’t like to settle. Not anymore. So when he’s with someone, he really needs to be into her,” the unnamed source previously told the outlet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tiger Woods Uploaded a Photo of His Girlfriend at a World Series Game in 2017

Back in 2017, Woods made his relationship with Herman Instagram official. He posted the photo above, taken at a World Series game at Dodgers Stadium. This was the first photo that Woods shared of Herman. He didn’t tag her (she doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account of her own), nor did he mention her by name.

The photo has since been “liked” by more than 67,000 people.

It is believed that Woods met Herman at his restaurant, The Woods, located in Jupiter, Florida. She served as the eatery’s manager around the time the two were first linked.

Herman Hasn’t Appeared on Woods’ Instagram Account Since Then, But She Has Been Seen With Him at Various Golf Events Over the Past 2 Years

Tiger Woods girlfriend

Woods has not shared any additional photos of Herman since the initial photo. Despite Woods’ decision to keep his relationship off of social media, he isn’t shy when it comes to PDA. Herman has been on-hand for various golf tournaments over the past couple of years. When Woods wraps up on the 18th hole and heads toward the gallery, he is often greeted by Herman.

A kiss shared between Herman and Woods went viral following Woods’ win at The Tour Championship in 2018. She was also spotted congratulating Woods following his epic win at The Masters on Sunday, April 14.

As seen in the photo above, Herman wore a shoulder-bearing red shirt and a large black hat to the event. The video below shows the special moments that Woods shared with his family after securing a win. He was first greeted by his son, Charlie, followed by his mom, and then his daughter. Last, but certainly not least, he embraced Herman, who kissed him on the cheek and rubbed his back.

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