Vince Carter Could’ve Helped Nets Take Huge Step Forward Says Vet

vince carter

Getty Vince Carter

Here’s a random pondering: If Kenyon Martin and Vince Carter were on the then-New Jersey Nets with Jason Kidd, would they have won a title?

Why not ask Martin?

“Yes, without a doubt, without a doubt,” Martin told me via the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“That is a great piece. We were running, jumping, having fun, being athletic and he would fit right in with that.”

At 42, Vince Carter is now the OLDEST player in the NBA.

That’s just crazy!

This season marked Carter’s 21st season in the league. Now a member of the Atlanta Hawks, Carter is playing for a team that is being built around rookie point guard, Trae Young.

Led he has!

“Man, Vince probably can play two, three more years, man,” Carter’s former New Jersey Nets teammate, Mikki Moore tells the Scoop B Blog.

“Real talk; he can play until he’s about 45, 46.”

Moore lived his best life in the NBA as a member with the Nets during the 2006-07 NBA Season. Averaging a career-best, 9.8 points per game and 5.1 rebounds per game, Moore led the league in field goal percentage that year, shooting 60.9%.

Moore says he’s not surprised the Vince Carter is still in the NBA. “Vince could play football, baseball, and basketball right now if he wanted to,” Moore told me.

“Dude is talented at all three sports, no lie. I think Vince might be better at baseball than basketball. We did an event for the New York Yankees and he was knocking the ball out of the park, just playing around. Him and T-Mac are unbelievably athletic; it runs in their genes, I don’t understand it.”

“Before I left New Jersey, that’ the guys I called to make my decision of where I was going after that year. So, them two and RJ, that was the core of our system. And I trust their decision on it, So they’re like brothers to me.”

As for Kenyon Martin: Aside from the Nets days, Martin delved into other topics on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. He says that his style of play resonates with today’s NBA.

Martin thinks that it would fare in today’s league.

“I can hold my own,” he told me.

“That is the way to play the game of basketball. With another element added to it. I am a defender. I feel I can score with the ball when given the opportunities. I feel like I can hold the ball because I am not going to do things that aren’t my strong suit. I’m going to do what I do and yeah the floor is wide open for athletes to make plays and I’m going to be a two way player without a doubt. So I think I would fare well in this NBA.”

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