WWE Hall of Famer Sounds off on Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan Costing Him Millions

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Hulk Hogan. (Getty)

One of the biggest feuds that never got its full elasticity would be the on between Hulk Hogan and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

Did you know that on Roberts’ interview segment called, ‘The Snake Pit’ he actually DDT’ed Hogan?

Many didn’t.

As the story has been told: Roberts invited Hogan to his Snake Pit segment.

On the segment, Hogan compared his arm size, or his ‘pythons,’ to Roberts’ actual pythons aka his pet snake Damien. Roberts used his finishing move, the DDT, on Hogan.

“Yeah, I split his skull,” Jake Roberts told me on Scoop B Radio.

.Check Out The Rest Of The Conversation via Scoop B Radio: 

It has been said that WWE owner Vince McMahon stood by the curtain after Roberts planned assault with Roberts to gauge the reaction of the fans. Instead of the fans cheering for Hogan, as planned, the fans supported Roberts.

“It cost me a lot of money,” Roberts told Scoop B Radio.

“The fans were chanting ‘DDT, DDT’ and they did not want the marketing dollars split with me and Hogan. They wanted to keep it all focused on Hogan and that’s the way the business is.”

Because of this reaction, the footage of Roberts DDT’ing Hogan and the planned feud, intended to tour nationwide, was canceled.

Hulk Hogan told the story differently in an interview with Sky News Radio in 2013.

Per WrestlingInc:

“There were several guys where there would be a feel in the ring or you could tell right away. That’s how everything worked with me, I had to hear it and feel it with the instinct thing.

I got into a situation with Jake ‘The Snake’ where he had his [Snake] Pit. It was an interview show. We did something there which was the beginning of a major storyline for Jake and myself.

We went to Providence and we worked one night and that was pretty much it. It was like we were at a funeral.

I just kind of realized that something wasn’t clicking and we kind of moved on and moved past it. I don’t know what it was.

There was a Hulk Hogan style at the time that was real easy and there were several trains of thought with probably about six or seven ways to go to make things perfect. For some reason, Jake and I did not fit in any of those categories.

I tried my best and he tried his best but we just couldn’t dance with each other. It wasn’t right.”

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