Alex Morgan’s Salary: How Much Money Does She Make in Her Contract?

Getty Alex Morgan is one of the most marketable female athletes in the world.

Alex Morgan is one of the top players for the U.S. Women’s National Team and also plays in the NWSL for the Orlando Pride. According to Orlando Weekly, USWNT members like Morgan are paid a salary of $56,000 in the NWSL which is higher than the max salary of $39,700 for non-national team members.

Morgan has a net worth of $3 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. Orlando Weekly detailed some of the pay discrepancies between the men’s and women’s national teams in a 2016 article.

The majority of players on the national women’s team are paid a base salary of $72,000, with a $1,350 bonus if they win a game, according to the complaint. If the team plays and wins the required 20 friendly matches, a player could earn $99,000. But a player on the men’s national team, which operates on a “pay-for-play” system, could earn $263,320 if they won all 20 games, and even if they lost every game, they’d still receive $100,000. The women’s team doesn’t get paid extra if they play more than 20 games, but players on the men’s team can get $5,000 to $17,625 each for additional games, according to ESPN.

Morgan’s salary for the USWNT will depend on the success the team has in the World Cup. According to Sports Illustrated, LUNA Bar is paying out a roster bonus of $31,250 to each player who made the US Women’s National Team roster, the difference in salary between the men’s and women’s teams. estimates that the top U.S. players would earn between $400,000 to $500,000 if the team is able to win another World Cup in 2019.

Alex Morgan Is Projected to Make $1 Million in 2019

Morgan is projected to earn $1 million in 2019 which includes her salary as well as endorsement money, per Pay Wizard noted that Morgan’s 2018 salary was $450,000. Morgan has been one of the players on the frontlines fighting for pay equality.

“I feel like we fight for this every single day,” Morgan told Pro Soccer USA. “It’s not just [the national team], it’s women all over in their own industries. I think today there’s so much more awareness and recognition of those gender disparities and so I think in that way, I just feel that support all around. Not [just] from women, but men. Also, from companies, from sponsors.”

Morgan was named by Sports Pro Media as one of the most marketable athletes of 2018 at No. 36. The soccer star has endorsement deals with Nike, McDonald’s, Coke, Panasonic, Beats by Dre and Nationwide, per Sports Pro Media.

Morgan has even appeared in movies including her role in the 2018 film Alex & Me. Time reported that Morgan has the largest social-media imprint of any female athlete in the world.

No pressure or anything, not that Morgan wasn’t feeling plenty already. Morgan, 29, is the face of Team USA–her steely gaze will be plastered on billboards and dancing across screens in commercials for Coca-Cola, Nike and Secret deodorant. Her millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter give her one of the largest social-media imprints of any female athlete in the world. She starred in a Nickelodeon movie for kids, Alex & Me; wrote a series of books for middle schoolers that was made into an Amazon TV series; and has shared a stage with Taylor Swift.

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