Baker Mayfield Gets Seal of Approval From Stone Cold

Getty Baker Mayfield impressed WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin.

Baker Mayfield apparently stunned wrestling legend Steve Austin with his charisma and “alpha” mentality when the two got to know each other this offseason.

Austin — known better by his wrestling persona Stone Cold — sang that praises of the Cleveland Browns second-year quarterback when TMZ caught up with him recently.

“That kid’s got such a presence about him,” he told the gossip site. “What a head on his shoulders and the way he puts things into perspective.”

Mayfield is slated to appear on Austin’s new TV show “Straight Up Steve Austin” and the pair recently got to know each other.  Baker might have made a Browns fan out of the WWE Hall of Famer.

“As a young man, boy, I’ll tell you what, he has a lot of composure and a lot of ‘it’ factor, X-factor, very charismatic and very confident,” Austin said. “I really enjoyed spending time with that young man. And I wish Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield a tremendous season this year.”

Steve Austin Defends Baker Mayfield’s College Arrest

Austin has been known to enjoy a beer or two in his time and said Mayfield shouldn’t be judged for an incident with the police that happened while he was in college.

The incident Austin referenced happened while Mayfield was in Arkansas. He was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and fleeing.

A video of the arrest was released where Mayfield tries to run from the officers, but doesn’t get far before he is tackled. Mayfield eventually pled guilty to three misdemeanors and paid $480 in fines and $483.20 in restitution.

“He had that little slip up in Arkansas a lot of people like to bring up. Man, that one little action, this kid is a class act. Super savvy, very alpha. Guys rally around him because he’s such a gamer,” Austin said. “You know, he’s never been the chosen one, going from his high school days to having to walk onto Texas Tech and then to Oklahoma, then win the Heisman, then to get drafted No. 1. He always plays with that chip on his shoulder to throw such an accurate football.”

Mayfield made light of the arrest at training camp. When asked what the biggest lesson he learned in college was, the Browns QB said, “Don’t run from the cops.”

Browns Are Embracing Baker Mayfield’s Unique Leadership Style

Last season, the former No. 1 overall pick only needed 13 starts to have a record-setting year and establish himself as an NFL star. Mayfield threw for 3,725 yards and 27 touchdowns as the Browns finished 7-8-1 and Mayfield set the record for touchdown passes by a rookie, which was previously held by Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson.

Mayfield is taking on more of a leadership role in his second year and the Browns are letting Baker be Baker.

“Baker is going to be himself. He is not going to change for anyone. It does not matter, he is always going to tell you the truth. He is going to speak the truth,” Kitchens said in his press conference before training camp. “That is what I like about him. Everybody around him is going to know where they stand. I want all of our players to be themselves because if try to start being somebody you are not, you do not never know who you are. I want them be themselves.”

During Saturday’s minicamp, Mayfield unleashed on some of his wide receivers with multiple F-bombs for giving up on a play during a scramble drill. Kitchens liked what he saw from his QB.

“I don’t know if they responded to him or not, but yeah, I expect my quarterback to get everybody on the same page,’’ he said. “That’s what I want.”

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