Odell Beckham Challenges Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers to Throw Off [WATCH]

Getty Odell Beckham catches a pass for a first down against the San Francisco 49ers.

Odell Beckham is used to making catches with only one hand on a regular basis. With the money that quarterbacks are making, Beckham might want to use his right arm for something else.

On Wednesday night, Beckham was seen at the ESPYs sporting a new hair cut and a ridiculous outfit. That afternoon, Beckham was seen on the football field. In a video found on Twitter, Beckham is seen taking a running start and launching a football across the entire field. The video immediately went viral and the receiver challenged two strong armed quarterbacks to a throw off.

This is not the first time Mahomes has been challenged. Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills challenged him to the same contest last season. For Beckham, the video speaks for itself. The New York Giants clearly knew he could throw the football well. Beckham had two passing touchdowns in 2018 on trick plays.

Rodgers is the king of Hail Mary throws. If the Packers are on the field, they are within range for No. 12 to reach the end zone. With just one flick of the wrist, Rodgers can put the ball wherever he wants.

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For Mahomes, he has been seen throwing the ball 65 yards on his knees and the full length of the field at the high altitude in Denver. He has brought the no look pass to the NFL while showing his ability to use both hands. Mahomes might have taken over as the quarterback with the strongest arm in the NFL.

Is it time to add a receiver into the conversation of strongest arm in the league? One point that remains true is that if Beckham ever got Mahomes and Rodgers on the field for a throw off, it would be an event that would have to be televised all over the world.

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