Why Raiders’ Trent Brown Is Poised for a Breakout Year

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Getty Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Trent Brown.

When the Raiders decided to make offensive lineman Trent Brown the highest-paid player at the position in NFL history, it certainly turned some heads. While Brown hasn’t been bad throughout his career, he definitely hasn’t played at the level that would warrant him getting that massive payday. The Raiders will be Brown’s third team he has played for. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2015 and was traded to the New England Patriots in 2018 after failing to impress. Brown had the best year of his career blocking for Tom Brady. He played fine during the season, but when the playoffs came, he became dominant.

Brown played right tackle while in San Francisco, but made the move to left tackle when he headed east. This worked out well for him and he got a Super Bowl ring out of it. In Oakland, he’ll be returning to the right side while former first-round pick Kolton Miller will stay at the left side. Miller had as bad a season as an offensive lineman can have during his rookie season, but the Raiders believe in him. Don’t be surprised if Brown is moved to the left if Miller continues to struggle.

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Why Raiders’ Trent Brown Is Poised for a Breakout Year

Brown hasn’t proven that he’s worth the contract the Raiders gave him just yet, but he could prove the doubters wrong in 2019. Yes, Tom Brady’s quick-release has a way of making offensive lineman look better than they are. Just ask Nate Solder. However, Brown’s situation seems to be different. First, he’s still just 26-years old and a man of his size needs time to grow into his body. Also, don’t forget that all-pro pass rusher Von Miller thinks he’s the “best right tackle in the NFL.” Brown will be facing Miller twice a year now, so if he can continue to give Miller trouble, he’ll be invaluable for the Raiders. The most exciting thing about Brown is the work ethic he’s displayed this offseason.

Over the last couple of months, Brown has been working out with offensive line guru Duke Manyweather. If you follow Brown on social media, you’ll see that Manyweather has been putting him through a rigorous workout routine. Manyweather has been building a reputation as an expert on all things offensive line. He never played, nor coached in the NFL, but Manyweather now works with NFL lineman and helps scout from time to time. He’s worked with some of the most dominant offensive linemen in the NFL like Lane Johnson and Mitch Schwartz.

There are some that think the Raiders overpaid for Brown and that he’s not even a top ten player at the position. There is some merit to that argument as Brown has never even reached a pro bowl. That being said, Brown seeking the tutelage of Manyweather should have Raiders fans excited. Having Tom Cable as the offensive line coach is concerning, but the Raider offensive line has some good talent across it. Every team in the AFC West has elite pass-rushing talent. Brown will have his work cut out for him week in and week out. Brown has shown the commitment necessary to become a top player at the position. Some players take it easy once they get their big contact, but not Brown. He’s going to surprise some people in 2019.

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