Baker Mayfield Reveals Bizarre Pick for Favorite Superhero

Getty Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield took some time from a busy training camp to talk with a young fan on Thursday.

CJ DeJohn was a guest of the Cleveland Browns through “A Special Wish,” which grants wishes to Cleveland children with life threatening diseases between the ages of birth and 20. DeJohn was playing the role of junior reporter during his time with Mayfield and asked the hard-hitting questions.

The duo covered their favorite flavor of chips — Mayfield’s was jalapeno — and also their favorite superheroes. The second question elicited a puzzling answer from Mayfield, who didn’t go the conventional route with his response.

“That’s a tough one,” Mayfield said. “If we are going off recent stuff, Hawkeye maybe. He’s a good one. Maybe Black Widow.”

When it comes to Marvel’s lineup of movie star heroes, Hawkeye and Black Widow would likely be considered the least popular, with top-tier heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or Hulk — who happened to be DeJohn’s pick — drawing the the most attention.

Here’s what Marvel has to say about their superhero archer.

“An expert marksman and fighter, Clint Barton puts his talents to good use by working for S.H.I.E.L.D. as a special agent. The archer known as Hawkeye also boasts a strong moral compass that at times leads him astray from his direct orders.”

I guess it would make sense considering Mayfield’s pinpoint accuracy when he throws the ball. Watch the full adorable video below courtesy of 

Baker Mayfield Leading the Way for Browns

Mayfield was in the headlines after a weekend practice where he tore into his wide receivers following a failed scramble drill. The rant featured a loud F-bomb that could be heard by most of the population in the Cleveland area.

The play was an example of the accountability he’s bringing to the Browns offense. He was asked about the verbal lashing he gave his pass-catchers during a press conference on Wednesday and if they talked it out after.

“I’m not a jackass. You got to talk through it,” Mayfield said. “I’m going to harp on it, then I’m going to talk to them. Those guys know that’s a big part of our offense.

“We need to be over-communicating right now. That’s what the good teams do. Like I said, we need to be on the same page.”

Mayfield is also looking to get on the same page with Odell Beckham Jr., his new No. 1 wide receiver. So far, the duo have shown great chemistry.

“It’s coming along great, as expected,” Mayfield said. “I’m able to kind of put it anywhere with him.”

Baker Mayfield is an MVP Candidate for Browns

In just 13 starts last season, Mayfield threw for 3,725 yards and broke the rookie touchdown record, accounting for 27 passing scores. The Browns finished 7-8-1 and won five of their final seven games.

Now with Beckham at his disposal spreading the field, Mayfield has been considered by many to be an MVP candidate.’s Adam Schein is one of those believers. He named Mayfield his No. 3 MVP candidate behind only Patrick Mahomes and Philip Rivers.

“Mayfield won’t fail. He can’t fail. He has the talent, moxie, work ethic, accuracy and leadership skills to push the Browns to the playoffs,” Schein wrote of Mayfield.

The Browns kick off their preseason against the Washington Redskins on Aug. 8.

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