Baker Mayfield Responds to Beer Chug Backlash

Getty Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield is responding to the party-poopers.

The Cleveland Browns star quarterback was widely lauded as the “King of Cleveland” after his viral beer chug at an Indians game over the weekend.

But as there is with anything nowadays, there were some critics — most notably Colin Cowherd, who has made Mayfield a regular target in his segments.

Cowherd ranted about Mayfield’s beer-drinking ability on his show this week.

“Cleveland and Baker Mayfield feel like the NFL’s best fraternity house and Omega Delta Baker is a hell of a frat,” Cowherd said on the radio this week following the moment. “Best parties, best beer chuggers, a lot of Alpha, and the funniest guys. But like the Browns, the plumbing hasn’t worked at that frat house in over 20 years and I’d never ever want to live there. You know when the best week to be in a frat house is? Rush Week. No big midterms yet, no finals yet, the front door is still on its hinges, they’re throwing the best parties, the weather is perfect, and nobody has been thrown out yet. And it’s rush week at the NFL’s best fraternity house, right. Of course, the frat house is not where you want to be during finals week, otherwise known as January in the NFL. That’s when the Steelers and Patriots flourish. You don’t want to be the best frat house during finals week.”

Here’s a full video of the Mayfield’s moment at the baseball game and the hilarious commentary by the Indians that predicted that it was going to be the focus of a Cowherd segment.

From an actual Cowherd segment: “Baker was a little too good at that beer chugging, and a little too good for my franchise quarterback who is 1-5 against winning teams. But it’s Cleveland, so of course they loved it.”

Baker Mayfield: I’m Gonna Be Me

GettyCleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield

Mayfield can be brash at times, but backs up his strong personality with even stronger play on the field.

In just 13 starts, Mayfield passed for a rookie record 27 touchdowns last season. The former Oklahoma Heisman winner also collected 3,725 passing yards and helped the Browns finish 7-8-1, winning five of their final seven games.

He was unapologetic — and rightly so — when it came to the chug chatter.

“There’s been videos of a lot of guys chugging beers, and I’m just gonna do it my way. I’m going to enjoy it,” Mayfield told the Associated Press. “It’s the night before our off day, and I’m enjoying watching the Indians make a final push. That’s the thing about it, I’m gonna be me.

“I always have been that and I’m not really worried about anyone’s opinion, because when I step into our building and when I go to work, there are priorities that are always intact and so that’s why I feel comfortable doing those types of things.”

Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. Building Chemistry

Mayfield’s ability as a leader in the locker room and on the field has been evident at every one of his stops. His new teammate and No. 1 wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. noted as much during training camp.

“When you have a guy like that, you never want to let him down,” Beckham said when asked about his quarterback. “There’s a reason he was the first pick. I just let him tell me what he thinks I should do and I’m just gonna do that. And he’s going to put it where it needs to be.”

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