Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Debuts Magic Crunch Cereal

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

There has been celebrities pictures on boxes of Wheaties in the past. Flutie Flakes burst onto the scene thanks to the incredible catchy name. But Patrick Mahomes might have made the biggest impact in the cereal game.

On Thursday, Mahomes Magic Crunch hit the shelves in grocery stores. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are already stocking up n the cereal in a big way.

“I’ve seen it on Twitter for sure, people posting pictures of them going to get it, getting several boxes at a time,” Mahomes said. “I’m glad we have that fan base that will go out there and support me and everything I do, and support my foundation.”

Mahomes is already an established icon in Kansas City. He finished his first season as a starter with over 5,000 yards and 50 passing touchdowns. Mahomes’ magical season ended with an MVP award. He has now added a cereal to his legacy. Mahomes has appeared on the cover of Madden and on Jimmy Kimmel. He is a Super Bowl away from accomplishing it all.

Cereal Being Treated Like Gold

Going to the grocery store and picking up a box of Cheerios is a forgetful process. The box is thrown on the shelf and eaten over the course of days. The box is then thrown out and the cycle repeats. That is not the case for Mahomes Magic Crunch.

“It is cool. I’ll definitely have a box I’ll keep forever,” Mahomes said. “Whenever you’re a kid and see people on those cereal boxes, it’s a tremendous honor. So I’m excited to be able to have my own.”

Like Mahomes, many fans are keeping his cereal as a souvenir. Chiefs’ fans are posting pictures on Twitter at a high rate. Mahomes even admitted that he signed one box for a fan who brought it to training camp.

Some fans are buying the cereal and not eating it. Aside from the cool looking design on the box, the main question is what does the cereal taste like? Mahomes has not tasted his cereal yet, but is looking forward to it.

“I like Frosted Flakes, so I told them to make it as close to Frosted Flakes and they could. They did it,” Mahomes said. “And it’s a little bit healthier, less sugar. So I’m excited it’s that too. I’ll be able to eat it a little bit during the season.”

Mahomes Magic Crunch is regularly priced in stores, but it has already inflated in price on the internet. According to ESPN’s Adam Teicher, an unopened box of Mahomes’ cereal is going for $33 on eBay. If for some reason you were interested in purchasing 12 boxes, an unopened case of 12 is being priced at $315. Yes, as far as we know, the cereal is indeed cereal — not gold.

Mahomes is truly a hero in Kansas City. After just one season, he has accomplished more than most quarterbacks do in their careers. It sounds like Mahomes Magic Crunch will be seen around Arrowhead Stadium thoughout the 2019 season.