Chiefs’ Safety Takes Down Streaker Who Ran on Field

Getty Harold Jones-Quartey

The fourth preseason game is sports’ least exciting event of all-time. The starters rest to stay healthy for the regular season while third-string and practice players duke it out for a spot on the roster. On Thursday night in Green Bay, there was a buzz in the stadium but not because of football.

Late in a game that featured the Kansas City Chiefs playing their final exhibition game in Lambeau Field, a shirtless fan decided to run onto the field. This is nothing new in soccer games as well as baseball games. This moronic fan decided to take his shot before the frigid Green Bay temperatures began. Usually these jail-bound fans spend some time on the field juking out security guards who need six or seven back ups to take down one man.

When it is an NFL safety, the odds are not in the streakers favor who is trying to get away.

Chiefs safety Harold Jones-Quartey took matters into his own hands and took down the streaker with a form tackle. Getting hit by an NFL defensive back is not something that anyone would want to feel with pads on, but this man took a shot without a shirt.

This has been going on for decades. Fans get brave and accept the night in jail and fines to run onto the field for entertainment. Television networks have stopped showing this to downgrade the act, but the people in the stadium get a show they did not have to pay for.

Most of the time players just stand around, watch, and wait for the inevitable of the fan being arrested. The most recent scenario that comes to mind is a woman running onto the Los Angeles Dodgers’ field. She meant no harm, all she wanted was a hug from Cody Bellinger. The All-Star outfielder walked over to the woman as she was being detained, but he did not grant her wish.

Road to the NFL

This seems like a perfect time to show Jones-Quartey some love. He spent two years in Chicago with the Bears and started 12 games in 2016. He has suffered from injuries which has not helped his cause with staying in the NFL.

His road to the NFL was not an easy one. Jones-Quartey was not highly recruited out of high school. He played college football for Division II University of Findlay. After the 2015 NFL Draft, he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Arizona Cardinals. He spent some time in Philadelphia as well but the injury bug determined his fate once again.

Roster cuts are on the horizon. Jones-Quartey is a part of a Chiefs’ secondary that has drastically improved from last season with the addition of Tyrann Mathieu. It is unlikely that Jones-Quartey will have a spot on the final 53-man roster in Kansas City. He has bounced around and was given a chance for the Chiefs.

Despite his fate in the NFL, Jones-Quartey delivered a highlight that people will remember for a long time.

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