Kyle Long Responds to Recent Suspension, Fights

Chicago Bears Guard Kyle Long

Getty Chicago Bears Guard Kyle Long. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

After Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy spoke publicly about guard Kyle Long’s recent suspension for fighting in practice, Long has now also responded.

Nagy, speaking to the media on Sunday, said that Long would resume practice with the team after a knee game suspension. “I know Kyle is extremely remorseful,” he said. “And now he has got to prove it.” Nagy also noted that action would speak the loudest: ” It’s not about talking anymore,” he said. After resuming practice with the team this week, it seems as though Long has received his coach’s message.

Long Apologizes and Takes Accountability

Speaking to reporters after practice Tuesday, Long took responsibility and accountability for the incident, noting that he had apologized to his teammates first. Calling his behavior “unacceptable,” Long said that he understood the brevity of his actions:

Long also addressed how his actions may have impacted the fan base, saying: “If I’m a fan, the last thing I want to hear about is a fight at practice.” Long vowed to be better going forward, while also addressing a few other issues.

Long Addressed Tussles With Akiem Hicks

While Long has been involved in multiple practice fights in the past, a few have been with the same person: Akiem Hicks. The two have never come to blows, but they have jawed at each other twice: once during a training camp practice last year, and again recently.

Long commented specifically on his altercations with Hicks, saying:

“I think the Akiem-and-I thing, that’s the nature of two giants getting frustrated with each other over the course of time…We’re like siblings,” he continued. “We bicker, we push each other around and most of the time mom or dad has to say ‘Hey! That’s your brother! Be nice–go back to the huddle.'”

Long was also sick on the sidelines after his violent altercation last week, leading some to wonder if his sickness and the fights were connected. When asked about his vomiting incidents, and whether they were connected to his fight(s) he shook his head and responded, with a slight grin, “I think I ate too much,” ending the media session on a lighter note.

It’s in the Past. For Now…

Chicago Bears Guard Kyle Long

GettyChicago Bears Guard Kyle Long. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Coach Nagy said Tuesday that the team was past the incident with Long:

For his part, Long seems remorseful and intent on proving himself moving forward:

“The thing I need to continue to do is go out on a day to day basis and try to prove to the men in this locker room who don’t know me very well or who have some questions about my character and just try to move forward and prove to them the man that I am on a daily basis.”

For all intents and purposes, things seem back to normal. Long also returned to social media after a brief hiatus. He hadn’t posted on Twitter since the altercation nearly one week ago, and shortly after he met with the media, Long began retweeting NASCAR promos. It seems as though everything is back to the status quo in Chicago.

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