5 Takeaways From Raiders on Hard Knocks: Darren Waller Poised for Breakout

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Getty Oakland Raiders TE Darren Waller.

There’s never a dull moment for the Oakland Raiders and that didn’t change this past week. Just as the Antonio Brown drama was looking like it might start cooling down, the issue was brought back to the forefront when the NFL didn’t approve any of the new helmets that Brown brought forward. While last week’s episode didn’t broach the topic, this week’s episode brought more attention to the issue.

The previous episode saw a greater focus on Brown’s foot injury, which seems to be behind him. Rookies like Maxx Crosby and Keelan Doss also got a chance to share the spotlight. Below we’re going to go through the biggest takeaways from episode three.

1. Antonio Brown Leads Things off Again

What was the least surprising thing to come from the episode was that the Brown controversy led things off. It was interesting to find out that Jon Gruden knew about the grievances before OTAs. He’s confused why it has become such a big story. Brown’s teammates welcomed him back with open arms and seem happy to have him around.

Brown says he felt like he was the “enemy of the f***in’ state” and that he wants there to be more work and less noise. Though he needed to essentially gain new skin on his feet, he looks to be coming along nicely. The camera caught Brown saying how he thought the helmet was very ugly, so hopefully, that’s not the only reason he’s causing a stink about it. Call him prophetic or delusional, but Brown thinks the Raiders are winning the Super Bowl this year.

Another interesting thing that was shown at the end of the episode was the conversation between Brown and Gruden. Brown thanked Gruden for having his back through all the controversy.

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2. Luke Wilson’s Calves Were on Display

After calling out Luke Wilson called out Hard Knocks for doing him dirty in the first two episodes, they made it up to him in this episode. He got the spotlight for a few minutes and was able to show off his receiving ability. Wilson, who has no relation to the actor, is gaining notoriety for his strange sense of humor. He puts it on full display in this episode. Also, Wilson is a fan of Ozzy Osborne. The episode also showed the fact that he is insecure about his tiny calves. They showed him make a few good blocks against the Cardinals. He’s got a tough battle ahead to make the roster, but he’s at least brought fans a few good laughs along the way.

3. Darren Waller Is Poised for a Comeback

For those who don’t know, tight end Darren Waller had a substance abuse problem that led to him getting suspended on multiple accusations. He was very straightforward about his past addiction and said that he’s been clean for two years. He said that he was getting high every day while he was on the Baltimore Ravens.

Well, he’s ready to turn the corner and be the Raiders’ tight end of the future. He’s never played a full season, but he looks ready this time. Keon Hatcher was asked who he thought was going to be the team’s breakout player and he named Darren Waller. He’s noted for his receiving ability, but the show displayed how he’s improved as a blocker. He should be a nice replacement for Jared Cook.

4. Jon Gruden Put the Focus on Kyler Murray

The Raiders faced off against the Arizona Cardinals for their second preseason game and Jon Gruden was keen on stopping rookie quarterback Kyler Murray. Gruden noted Murray’s remarkable speed and how the team needed to watch out for that. Apparently, his words resonated as the team shut down the rookie.

Derek Carr got some love in the highlights of the game. He marched the team right down the field for a touchdown on the opening drive. Mike Glennon was also able to show off some impressive passes. The Raiders played a very well rounded game against Cardinals and pretty much shut them down until they scored a couple of garbage-time touchdowns.

5. Hunter Renfrow’s Appearance Put on Blast

Go under the helmet with Hunter Renfrow at training camp | RaidersGet an exclusive look at what wide receiver Hunter Renfrow sees on the field at joint practice with the Los Angeles Rams during 2019 Training Camp in Napa, Calif. Visit Raiders.com for more. Keep up-to-date on all things Raiders: Stay informed: rdrs.co/83Edui Subscribe: rdrs.co/youtube Download our app: rdrs.co/2ZqD6b Follow: Twitter.com/Raiders Like: Facebook.com/Raiders Shop at Raider…2019-08-09T00:36:22.000Z

Poor Hunter Renfrow is constantly the butt of a lot of jokes. Jon Gruden said he’s going to throw up if he has to hear the rookie sing again. Fortunately for him, he’s been very impressive and Johnathan Abram compared him to Julian Edelman. He’s been making plays consistently and has already earned a spot as the top slot receiver. He may not be a very impressive singer, but the guy can ball. He made a few good catches against the Cardinals.

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