WATCH: Simone Biles Lands Triple Double During Gymnastics Floor Exercise (VIDEO)

Only one day after Simone Biles made gymnastics history as the first gymnast to land a double-double beam dismount during competition, she made history again as the first woman to execute a clean triple-double on a floor exercise. The impressive display of talent was part of Biles’ floor routine for the Women’s Senior competition of the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships.

The official Twitter account for NBC Olympics shared the video of the full routine, writing “RESPECT THAT, BOW DOWN @Simone_Biles keeps making history! First woman to land a triple double in competition on floor.”

They also shared a slowed-down version of the stunt, so that viewers could more fully appreciate the height she gained in ordered to execute the triple-double successfully.

The Team USA Twitter account celebrated Biles’ major accomplishment, tweeting “Trying. To. Remain. Calm. @Simone_Biles just completed a never done before TRIPLE-DOUBLE on floor. #USGymChamps.” They also shared photos of Biles taken during the routine, which they said were “HISTORY CAPTURED.”

Unsurprisingly, Biles won the meet, and Team USA tweeted yet again, this time applauding the fact that Simone “is the first woman in nearly 70 YEARS to win 6 U.S. all-around titles.”

Biles’ former USA Gymnastics teammate Madison Kocian congratulated her friend, tweeting “amazing on the competition floor, but has an even more amazing heart proud of you @Simone_Biles.”

Biles Was the First Woman to Land the Triple-Double Days After Being the First Woman to Attempt it

According to NBC Sport, Biles attempted the triple-double during the first day of competition three days prior, but she fell during that first routine and took sixth place because of it. Even so, she made history even with that first in-meet try as the first woman to attempt a triple-double.

After her first attempt at a clean triple-double during her first routine, Biles was visibly upset at her performance. Explaining what went wrong, she told Team USA “It was too much, and for the triple-double you kind of need to lean back a little, and I went straight up and straight down, so that’s why I did that and then put my hand down.” She continued to explain what she was feeling after that unsuccessful triple-double, saying “Honestly as soon as I fell on floor, I was like, that’s it I’m scratching the meet, I’m walking off the floor. On my last pass I felt like I had tears in my eyes and that’s the only time I truly felt sorry for myself in a real long time, but you have to keep the momentum going. “Mistakes will happen, it’s the hardest field in the world. … It’s just so annoying because I’ve never [fallen forward on the triple-double] in the gym, so I had a lot more adrenaline than I wanted. I’ll come back Sunday and hopefully it’ll go better.”

She Was the First Gymnast to Land a Double-Double Beam Dismount

Simone’s performance at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships quickly turned around after the initial disappointment of her first floor routine. At the end of her beam routine, Simone attempted and executed a double-double. She was the first gymnast, male or female, to nail the unprecedented dismount.

After her attention-grabbing beam performance, Biles told Team USA “I’m really happy with the beam dismount and how it’s come along, because if you had asked me after [U.S. Classic] if I was going to compete it, I would’ve said no. I feel like in those short two weeks we did a lot of work on a couple of the events, so I’m pretty excited with how it turned out.”

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