V. Stiviano: Where Is Donald Sterling’s Former Mistress Now?

V. Stiviano

Instagram/V. Stiviano Stiviano pictured on her Instagram page in August 2019.

V. Stiviano aka Maria Vanessa Perez was L.A. Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling’s mistress when she recorded him making racist remarks about Magic Johnson. The recordings were released by TMZ in April 2014 but were made in September 2013, according to Stiviano.

Sterling had been angry that Stiviano had posted a photo showing her with Magic Johnson. Sterling can be heard to say, “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people… You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want”, but “the little I ask you is … not to bring them to my games.” The entire saga is back in the news after the release of ESPN’s “30 for 30” podcast series titled, “The Sterling Affairs.”

Following the Scandal, Stiviano Was Forced to Give Up the $2.6 Million Home That Sterling Had Given Her

V. Stiviano Gets Confrontational in New InterviewET's Brooke Anderson is one-on-one with the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling-Clippers scandal, V. Stiviano, and demanding she answer the real questions on everyone's minds.2014-05-22T02:43:17.000Z

In the fallout from the scandal, Sterling’s wife, Rochelle Stein, sued Stiviano for the return of a $2.6 million duplex that then Clippers owner had bought for her. The home, as well as a Ferrari, two Bentley’s and a Range Rover, were ordered by a judge to be returned to Sterling in April 2015. A year later, Stiviano appealed the decision but was once again ordered to return the possessions. That same year, Donald Sterling and his wife announced that they had called off their divorce.

President Donald Trump Has Called Stiviano ‘Despicable’ & ‘The Girlfriend From Hell’

Donald Sterling's Confidante V.Stiviano Speaks OutIn a Barbara Walters exclusive interview, V. Stiviano describes her relationship with Sterling. In a Barbara Walters exclusive interview, Sterling's confidante says he's a "kind man."2014-05-03T04:42:43.000Z

During an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN in May 2014, Sterling said that he had been “baited” into making the remarks by Stiviano and insisted that he was not a racist. While President Donald Trump referred to Stiviano during this time as “despicable” and “the girlfriend from hell.”

More Recently, Stiviano Has Said That ‘Everyone Is a Little Bit Racist’

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Since the scandal, Stiviano has made few public appearances. In the summer of 2018, TMZ caught up with Stiviano in Los Angeles. The gossip site asked Stiviano about her opinion of Roseanne Barr’s racist remarks which led to the comedian being removed from her eponymous sitcom. Stiviano said, “Everyone’s making such a big deal over every small little thing. No one has freedom of speech anymore! No one can say what they feel because if they do, they’re gonna lose their job.” Stiviano added her belief that everyone is a little bit racist.

Stiviano Appears to be a Lakers Fan These Days

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Literally cruising…

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In 2017, Stiviano appeared to have switched teams when she posted a photo showing her wearing a Los Angeles Lakers championship ring. The now-deleted photo included the caption, “No bad deed goes unpunished,” according to the NBA’s Reddit page.

There is not much information that can be taken from Stiviano’s Instagram page. Her bio links to a url, “VStiviano.com.” The website is not functional at the time of writing. Stiviano makes reference to the V. Stiviano Foundation on that page.

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