Odell Beckham Sued for New York Car Crash

Getty Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

It appears Odell Beckham Jr. might spend his bye week dealing with some off-field issues linking back to his time in New York.

The Cleveland Browns star is reportedly being sued for allegedly allowing his friend to drive and then crash an expensive BMW from a company called Celebrity Motors, according to TMZ. The car, a 2017 BMW 650XG, is valued at around $103,000.

OBJ’s buddy Blake Anderson was reportedly driving the vehicle at the time of the 2017 crash and TMZ reported the lawsuit alleges he was “driving like a maniac” and “carelessly,” eventually wrecking in the Lincoln Tunnel.

Lexington Insurance Company — Celebrity Motors’ insurance company — filed suit against Beckham for the crash, which caused $38,000 in damages. The insurance company said that Beckham should have known that Anderson — who had multiple traffic citations — would be unfit to drive a vehicle with that “kind of power.”

The company said that Beckham was the only person that was supposed to drive the car, but that it was just an “oral agreement,” according to TMZ.

For a guy on a $95 million contract, it could seem like a drop in the bucket to some. But Beckham has spoken out about people unrightfully trying to take his money, most notably when he was fined $14,000 for an incident with Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey earlier this season.

“It’s money out of my future kids’ and family’s pocket,” Beckham said. “It’s enough. I don’t care if it was $5. Still taking money from me. I will appeal it. I just wish they could not worry about some of that stuff”

Women Attacked Over Odell Beckham Name-Calling Incident: Report


A crazy story emerged from Cleveland this week when two women were reportedly attacked over telling a younger man that he looked like Beckham, police told Cleveland.com.

According to the report, Lance Morgan Sr., 52, and Lance Morgan Jr., 27, are both charged with felonious assault and warrants were issued for their arrests on Monday.

The incident happened at a hotel bar in Cleveland on Oct. 5. After the comment, the father-son duo got mad and an argument turned into a fight, with one of the women allegedly being punched in the face.

Odell Beckham, Browns Fighting Through Tough Start

Things have not gone as planned for the start of Beckham’s career in Cleveland after the Browns acquired him in a blockbuster trade in the offseason.

Entering the game against the Seahawks, Beckham was going through the worst two-game stretch of career, catching just four balls in the last two games combined for 47 yards and no touchdowns. Through his first five games with the Browns, OBJ has 23 catches for 335 yards and one score.

He did bounce back vs. Seattle, collecting six catches for 101 yards — including a beautiful 41-yard snatch along the sideline.

But at 2-4, Beckham has admitted he was frustrated on the lack of success the Browns have had so far as a team. But he does see brighter days ahead.

“Me and Bake talk about it,” Beckham told The Athletic. “I’m like, ‘Once everything gets clicking and rolling, it’s going to be so easy.’ This could all be so much easier. We just have to find a way to find the solution for it to be that easy, and that’s something that we’re working on.”

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